Hall of Gratitude

Storium only exists because of the support of our generous backers, playtesters, and allies. This page is a monument to their contributions.

The Storium team sincerely thanks...

6,676 Kickstarter backers

...whose support made it possible for us to devote ourselves to Storium and evolve it from its beta version to what it is today.

Over 3,200 backers directly via our web site

...whose support after our Kickstarter has enabled us to further expand our vision for Storium.

16,409 playtesters

...who have given us thousands of suggestions for making Storium all it can be (not to mention all the bugs they’ve helped us root out!).

The games we love

...both analog and digital, that have inspired us in our work on Storium.

The technologies we use

...without which Storium would not be possible.

1,158 “Pioneer” backers

...who had the faith in Storium to make significant contributions to our crowdfunding campaign.

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