Trevor Axton


Rascal, Scalawag, Blackguard - these were all names my adoptive parents considered for me in my precocious infancy. However, they settled on something that was less of an indictment.

I grew up self-assured and full of piss and vinegar, but never dishonoured the good people who raised me (even if they wouldn’t explain how they came by me). Upon their untimely deaths during a scientific expedition to photograph abominable snowmen in the Himalayas, I inherited a modest estate. It gave me enough resources to get myself into trouble, but I have the wit and gumption to get myself out of it again.

The loss of them who raised me, though, has rekindled the fire within and I want to know who I truly am, and whence I come. I shall let no one frustrate me in this quest. If they try, they’ll find Stick Stick lodged in their tender bits.

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