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Not sure what to write here. I guess I can be considered a Renaissance Man that loves many things that don’t necessarily fall in the same circles. Tabletop RPG’s? Check. Pro basketball (and the Boston Celtics specifically)? Check. DDP Yoga and Kettlebell training? Check. Pro football (the New York giants specifically)? Check. Certain types of anime and manga (mostly shonen, like Naruto and most recently One-Punch Man)? Check. Superheroes and comic books? Check. Video games, board games, and card games? Check, check, and check.

I consider myself a creative, imaginative type, and desire to nurture that creativity. I guess I’m here because storium seemed like a cool outlet for creativity. I want to improve as a writer try and doing so in a game format seems like it could be a lot of fun. Please bare with me as I try to figure storium out.

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