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Greetings all. Relative to other profiles I’ve peeked at, my “cred” is weak. Not a game-designer, or author, or DM.

Simply, I’m an unabashed fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror (in a decreasing & non-linear order of preference) ever since my late single-digits when my brother and I discovered our eldest brother’s store of classic novels & comics. Asimov, Heinlein, Niven, Leiber, Dick, Burroughs, etc. with a helping of Stan Lee & Jack Kirby.

I read an unhealthy amount in my teens. Unhealthy because, in reading through our local library’s very small sci-fi section, I even read all ten “Mission Earth” books, still to date the absolute worst published material I’ve ever read. No contest. Somehow I kept convincing myself that the next book would be better…an object lesson in cutting losses.

As real life intruded, I’ve become more a consumer of film & TV in the genre. Not necessarily to my satisfaction, but just to my convenience.

I’m here today because I enjoy stories, would like to try my amateur hand at being part of telling a few…and I was promised beer.

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