Withdrawing from Storium, now that my commitments are taken care of. I tried from the beginning of their change to our access/management of games to find any sign, any hope whatsoever that they care whatsoever about the fact that getting us to submit things under one set of conditions and then changing those conditions drastically without warning or consent was wrong. I practically begged, on the forums, on twitter, for any sign that anybody there respects us or our rights at all. Usually, when I realize a company is bad, I ditch it immediately with a minimum of fuss. I really wanted to believe in this company, so I tried to hang in there and find out if there was any chance they were better than this– that they hadn’t realized what a massive violation of trust this “stopgap” preventing deletion was, or how wrong it was to change those conditions on people who trusted them when submitting a game. No matter how many times I asked, throughout June, I got no sign of any kind of damn given about us and I don’t think there is one. I think the idea of consequences might force them to change the agreement but that will not change them as a company, so I cannot continue here. I hope they turn out to be better than the character they showed me. Best of luck, and protect your creativity!

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