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Reading for fun has always been something I enjoyed and I find creative writing to be a natural extension of a love affair with the written word. I was introduced to RPGs as early as 7 through Palladium’s Heroes Unlimited with a one shot at a cub scout camp-out run by a group of older boys who didn’t really want me there in the first place … good times. It wasn’t until I moved to Florida at 14 that I found a small group of friends to dabble in ADnD with me (like almost everyone does with such gateway drugs).

Nothing came of any of this beyond passing familiarity with RPGs until the tender age of 18 when I moved to Lawrence, KS. In that quiet little college burg, I lurked at a local gaming depot on the far corner and befriended the proprietor (as one should always do when given the opportunity) and was summarily invited to a circle of friends playing the newly released Exalted (1st ed). The rest, as is often quoted of the ubiquitous “they”, is history. Role playing became my life, my hobby, my passion. I’ve played, dissected, created, and modified more systems and settings than I can actually count. At some point reaching an encompassing gnostic critical mass which opened my eyes to the building blocks inherent to all systems and freeing me from the constraints of mechanics bound to setting.

It is from this vantage point that I experience Storium. A place with such amazing potential for limitless story and character presentation is nothing short of the brilliance to see how the oral tradition could be brought to and shared with the masses in a manner that is easily understandable, accessible, and consumable.

And so I say; Expand your horizons beyond what you have comfortably settled for! Grow, learn, play! But most of all: Game On!

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