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Storium is the online storytelling game. By combining the freedom of writing with the fun of gameplay, Storium lets you and your friends create and tell any story you can imagine, together.

These pages provide helpful information for anyone playing Storium, whether they are new to the game or already have experience playing.

Read about what’s new in Gamma!
(last updated 12/20/15)

How to play

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Storium is in Gamma testing, which means we’re still focused on testing and improving the mechanics and features of the game and haven’t yet created interactive tutorials. To get the most out of this playtest we highly recommend that you read the following pages. Your fellow players will thank you... and so will we!

Intro: Storium in a nutshell

How to be a host

1. Starting a game

2. Inviting players

How to be a narrator

1. Starting scenes

2. Managing play

How to be a player

1. Joining a game

2. Making moves

3. Growing your character

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