Storium storium

Storium is the online
storytelling game.

It turns creative writing into a multiplayer game and lets you tell any story that you can imagine.

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Tell stories by playing games with your friends.

  • Easy to learn and play
  • Play at your own pace
  • Works on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Choose from a library of pre-made fictional “worlds”
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What people are saying

“A do not miss experience.”
The Escapist
“Storium is a game that can inspire people to create.”
USgamer Magazine
“I’m terrifically excited about Storium.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“Storium is everything I never knew I always wanted in a game”
Eve Jacob, playtester
“Storium has helped me fall in love with storytelling all over again.”
Lillian Cohen-Moore, playtester
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