Quinn Swain-Nisbet


I have been roleplaying since I was thirteen/fourteen and I am currently in my late twenties. I have ventured many styles from writing to pen and paper to online, to board games. I have tried most of everything, preferring the writing style the most developing many amazing and complex characters.

I am a transgender girl so this means I am more favoured to writing female characters. I would ask you keep all personal views of who I am to yourself.

My favoured genres are Horror of any variety Fantasy if it’s explained well enough, modern fantasy definitely. Even slice of life, if the characters are not mere cardboard cutouts. Although I am willing to try anything writing wise at least once.

As you can see I am open to most things and would willingly join any one game. I am a college student so can sometimes get busy, be forewarned.

I hope this gives good idea of myself :).

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