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David is a black man who spends much of his time pretending to be a jackalope online. Originally from the urban wilds of Baltimore, he has migrated to the relatively peaceful meadows of Silicon Valley.

As a wee leveret, David cut his teeth on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition but fell in love with the World of Darkness through Changeling: the Dreaming – still his all-time favorite game. Since then, he has played and run numerous systems including AD&D 2nd and 3rd Ed, Pathfinder, White Wolf’s original World of Darkness, Shadowrun 3rd and 5th Ed, The Dresden Files (FATE), Star Wars Saga and Fantasy Flight Edition, TMNT/After The Bomb, Ironclaw, Feng Shui and others. He has 20 years of tabletop RPG experience under his belt, and is looking forward to indulging in his hobby for many, many more.

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