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I’m a 26-year old graduate student living in Orlando, FL. Just finished the rough draft of my first novel, Transmutation, in 45 days flat. Pretty excited about that, but mostly just happy to have finished a project for a change. I’m already brainstorming my next book(s), using the downtime between completing the book and editing it to stay creative and keep my brain from going mushy.

When I’m not dozing in class or scratching words into a block of wood with a rusty shiv, I make music for Film and TV. Won some awards for some stuff no one’s ever heard of, and damn proud of it. Currently working as the Lead Sound Designer on Doom’s Chapel Horror, a full-length feature Horror flick filmed in the woody hills of Kentuckyland. Lots of tasty monster goodness in there… stay tuned for that.

Ummm… let’s see. I like coffee, chocolate, and bourbon. Usually in that order, too. Love giving bear hugs. I’ve been known to explore mind-altering substances whenever I get the chance. Fair warning: if you see me with a large inflatable monkey in tow, I’m probably tripping balls.

Actually, I might be tripping balls right now.

Or am I…. ?

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