Abigail Morrison


Abigail Morrison is an aspiring author who has over a decade of creative writing experience. She enjoys ballroom dance, reading, writing and nerd shows and during all of these, the indispensable enjoyment of tea.

Play preferences:
I love fantasy and some sci-fi, but genre fusion stories or something with a unique twist are probably my favorites. If you have something you think I would like, give it a pitch!
I don’t mind players moving my characters for me as long as I have veto power.
I am all about communication. If I’m going to be gone or late I’ll let you know, and I expect the same in return. I try to be as gracious and patient as I can be when things come up and try my best to come up with solutions that work for both the game and players, but if you don’t tell me about them, I can’t work things out. Never be afraid to reach out. :)

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