Gina Trujillo

  On vacation until further notice

Hiatus for a while! If you need me, try resuki AT gmail DOT com

Writer, comic book artist, and all around geek.
Co-creator of Bobble Kitty Comics. Playing in text-based online RPGs for 15+ years.

Also follow my second twitter: @bobblekitty

Writing preferences: Third-person, past-tense. Will attempt first-person in the right circumstance. Present-tense is not my favorite. First-person present-tense can go die in a fire.

Urban fantasy, fantasy, steampunk, superheroes, sci fi, some cyberpunk, and the occasional survival horror.

I was asked once, “How realistic do you like your games?” I had to think for a moment before I answered, “That depends. I’m all for throwing around magic and unicorns in New York City or flying around in airships harvesting lightning, but if you botch your forensic investigation or your average joe character’s totally logical and calm in the face of death, we’re gonna have a bad time.”
Emphasis on real, believable, human reactions to situations and other people.

Time zone (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
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