Robert Fulkerson


Roleplayer, producer, host, podcaster, community organizer, lover, and terrible writer. Robert does all these things and only some of them well. Despite these handicaps he has a love for collaborative interactive fiction and is fascinated by what Storium has to offer.

Current projects:
Mage: The Awakening (Mage: The Ascension)
L5R Dynasties (L5R family rules set)
Daikoku’s Crossing (L5R Rokumopoly LARP)
The Untimely Death of Otomo Daigoro (L5R LARP)
Android: Binary Destiny (Fate Core/Android game line)
Android: System Fault (Storium)

Previous projects:
Seven Brides for Seven Samurai (L5R LARP)
Between Heaven and Earth (L5R LARP)
Everyday Legends (Mage: The Ascension)
Various and sundry RPGs, board goames, and card games he has attempted to mashing up into new and interesting forms.

Homepage http://foundinthealley.wordpress.com/
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