I started out on Storium because of my love of role play in long-form written format.

At heart I like complex philosophical discussions - going deep into the nature of life and the universe.

But I also like fun knockabout banter with a serious storytelling edge.

I take commitment seriously - if you start one of my games or let me join yours I will not let you down - I will be regular for months at a stretch.

I like to find committed regulars to write with, but I love to encourage newcomers, and will always be patient with people learning the ropes.

I don’t say too much about my background because we are all different. People read too much into the small snippets we can write about ourselves.

My coffee lost kick being everybody’s cup of tea.

I would want any player to tell me if I need to adjust to increase their access or inclusion. I think in particular of those with sight impairment and the use of art, but I include anything I have not thought of. All are welcome on my games, I only ask they extend that welcome to other players.

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A volunteer who runs “games for beginners” to help new users learn Storium.


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