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The Graveyard Shift (Beta)

Original sci-fi medical just barely more than an idea at the moment. I would love some actors to help me create different story ideas. I have an outline of events to follow, but need some more help developing the story:
In a future Earth where Vampire and human live together in peace, a young woman dreams of becoming a doctor. ADHD and Autism are not the only struggles she will face however as tension between races rise. Soon she finds herself wondering if anyone would even trust a vampiric doctor. See discussion for story details.
Here is a link to some information on my vampires.

Also, as a pre-nursing student with a love of medicine (hence sci-fi medical) I would LOVE to have some medical professionals on my team. or even more advanced students! Ask me how I use writing to study for school :D

Hosted and narrated by: Elyra Jade (Ziva)

Started 10/25/20. Scenes played: 5

License: Host License