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The games listed on this page have been selected by volunteers from the community and are great examples of the storytelling that’s happening here on Storium. This list is updated every other week. Browse previously featured games...

“This game shows exactly what can be done with one of the Storium kickstarter worlds. This game channels such concepts as firefly and the best of golden age sci-fi to tell a deep story of a mystery of atrocities in space. Not only is the plot thick and interesting, the characters, all with secrets and baggage from their pasts make the reader deeply interested in every single one of them.”

Rattannah   6/ 7/21

“This lighthearted comedy shows politics at its best. Five animals climb into the head of Arthur Welch, the 47th president of the United States, and govern the nation through EU meetings and senatorial negotiations seeking shiny objects, tummy-rubs and the destruction of France. A must-read for everyone who is tired of political bickering.”

Zinzerena   5/10/21

“Historical games aren't all that common at Storium, and there's a reason for that: they're darned difficult to write! Night Witches is set in World War II and tells the story of a squadron of celebrated Soviet pilots flying outdated biplanes wreaking havoc on the German invaders. Oh, and they're all women. And yes, it really happened.”

Tacronicus   4/26/21

“A light-hearted game that tells the story of some retired superheroes and supervillains in a nursing home and one final adventure they all have. With quirky, loveable characters and good inter-character reactions which playfully talks of the problems of the elderly while maintaining heart and good-nature, this story tells of a ragtag band of heroes and villains working together to stop a conspiracy from inside their nursing home even though their glory days are long behind them.”

Rattannah   4/12/21

“I believe that this game will provide a getaway into another place where good people are fighting against an ever-evolving threat from not only themselves, but a greater evil. It has great writing, and there has been a great deal of thought put into it.”

Staggothi   4/ 4/20

“A western for those who love westerns and those who don't. At roughly 37,000 words, it's a Storium gem that *everyone* should read, as an example of some of the best work this platform can offer. A beginner friendly premise that is simple yet unfolds into surprising richness, characters that make you cheer and cry. Action scenes that pop off the page like a movie. A way of handling death that makes you cherish life for the gift it is. Dead by Dawn not only makes you long for a sequel, but makes you long to be in it.”

dancingcrane   3/14/20

“A rewrite of the ancient Greek epic tragedy of Theseus, the flesheating Minotaur, the Labyrinth, Ariadne's Thread, the Fall of Icarus etc. You probably think you know the story. Yet it is also the story of seven people brought together by circumstance, driven forward by feelings that have not changed in 3000 years: hope, fear, glory, duty, arrogance, past events, vengeance, but above all: love. You already know the *how* of the tale, this time you know the *why*.”

Zinzerena   2/ 9/20

“Pixie Games takes a band of adventuring pixies and their companions through some refreshing takes on classic stories. The writers deliver a wonderful mix of whimsy, humor, suspense, and at times a surprising amount of emotional appeal and depth as their characters travel through magical lands on their journey facing a wide array of threats and obstacles. If you like re-tellings of old stories so that they are enjoyable for all audiences, this is the story for you.”

Rattannah   1/13/20

“Farthington is a country village in Regency England. The tone is light and there are more than a few romances to charm the reader. The characters are a delightful mix of native Farthingtonians and visitors from London written by players with an equally delightful mix of experience of the time period. While ours may be a small town, the Season is in full swing with dances, picnics, church fetes, brawls, and even a Bit with a Dog. If you are feeling a bit jaded in the big city, come to Farthington!”

Ritchieprod   12/16/19

“A compelling story full of twists and turns that drags you deeper and deeper into the horror unfolding. Smile for the Camera is an extremely well done horror story with intensity bleeding through every single word. From the very first to the very last move, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. As the characters are thrown into peril, you cannot help but root for them. Each loss is not only a painful part of the story, but also breaks into your emotions showing you how attached you get to these compelling characters.”

TrueParanormal   11/14/19