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The games listed on this page have been selected by volunteers from the community and are great examples of the storytelling that’s happening here on Storium. This list is updated every other week. Browse previously featured games...

“The milk was not the only thing that went bad in this mad caper of food gaining sentience, staging an escape, and stumbling into the lair of their creator. Will the random leftovers from the fridge survive the encounter? Will you, dear reader, survive the puns? Admittedly a trial by fire for a first-time narrator, this cast of usually-perishable characters brought both enchantment and chaos all the way to the finishing line.”

tarlia   8/24/22

“Some ideas may be silly, some may imaginative, some may be plain stupid, but escaping the police by turning yourself into a chicken? Yes, a clucking egg-laying featherball? What kind of mind would think of that? Yup, those minds exist, and they do so brilliantly. Fighting off cats, conspiring with ducks and avoiding suspicion (well...kind of), with Bird Brains and Ruffled Feathers, they make it to the end, thinking: what could possibly go wrong...”

Zinzerena   2/16/22

“Welcome to H.P. Lovecraft's sleepy coastal resort town, Kingsport. The year is 1931. With the horrors of the depression sweeping through society, eight strangers are forced together to save the city from an eldritch threat. This historical horror has it all! Witches and body-swapping! Monsters and catacombs! Ghuls and glory!”

Bellicist   11/10/21

“This game is on fire - quite literally! When you have an entire group of noteworthy writers, all portrayed as kids with elemental powers, it's bound to get a little heated. Throw in your normal everyday mishaps, the confused emotions of teenagers, and life-or-death experiences, and you get a story as good as any other classic! A chaotic, humorous, yet at the same time suspenseful story, The Academy of Elements is sure to please!”

PeetTheSockMan   10/11/21

“It's not often that a Storium rises from the dead, but this cast just won't quit! Currently narrated by MrMarcus (originally by Arctus), this cyberpunk story is a fast-paced tale of rebels reunited to pull one last job, avenging the execution of their leader. From the skyscrapers of Sao Paulo, to the streets of Cairo, these characters, their relationships, and their personal histories will draw you in and leave you wanting more.”

Firebirdschild   8/25/21

“A rag-tag crew. A salvage. Venus. What could go wrong? In this interesting story of 6 characters, each with their own secrets, trying to salvage treasure from the surface of Venus, they discover deeper secrets about others, and themselves, than they ever could have imagined.”

StormSaphire   8/ 2/21

“A story so worth your time / Unfolding with both wit and rhyme / With fewer words than Twitter / They'll try to catch this killer / And put them away for their crime.”

tarlia   7/11/21

“This game shows exactly what can be done with one of the Storium kickstarter worlds. This game channels such concepts as firefly and the best of golden age sci-fi to tell a deep story of a mystery of atrocities in space. Not only is the plot thick and interesting, the characters, all with secrets and baggage from their pasts make the reader deeply interested in every single one of them.”

Rattannah   6/ 7/21

“This lighthearted comedy shows politics at its best. Five animals climb into the head of Arthur Welch, the 47th president of the United States, and govern the nation through EU meetings and senatorial negotiations seeking shiny objects, tummy-rubs and the destruction of France. A must-read for everyone who is tired of political bickering.”

Zinzerena   5/10/21

“Historical games aren't all that common at Storium, and there's a reason for that: they're darned difficult to write! Night Witches is set in World War II and tells the story of a squadron of celebrated Soviet pilots flying outdated biplanes wreaking havoc on the German invaders. Oh, and they're all women. And yes, it really happened.”

Tacronicus   4/26/21