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The games listed on this page have been selected by volunteers from the community and are great examples of the storytelling that’s happening here on Storium. This list is updated every other week. Browse previously featured games...

“Few stories better exemplify how the intertwining of two lives can generate equal parts drama and mystery. This sprawling masterpiece takes us on a journey into the minds and hearts of its two protagonists while simultaneously showcasing the universal truths of love, hope and fear that make us all human. The characters are catapulted off the page in all their nuance to join such archetypes as Silence of the Lambs' Clarice Starling and The Terminator's Kyle Reese. They embody the maxim that at the care of great Science Fiction is the quest to understand ourselves.”

Gilfander   11/30/19

“A compelling story full of twists and turns that drags you deeper and deeper into the horror unfolding. Smile for the Camera is an extremely well done horror story with intensity bleeding through every single word. From the very first to the very last move, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. As the characters are thrown into peril, you cannot help but root for them. Each loss is not only a painful part of the story, but also breaks into your emotions showing you how attached you get to these compelling characters.”

TrueParanormal   11/14/19

“This story features a crew of loveably unusual couriers who, in the midst of a military blockade, must discover a way to bypass the dangerous ships and deliver a mysterious cargo to its destination on time. If you'd like to read a light-hearted, hilarious story that features a great all-female cast of characters, cute and deadly furry aliens, fantastic wit, and harkens back to some of the best aspects of light-hearted 1950s pulp, this game is definitely for you.”

Rattannah   10/12/19

“Meddlesome is an intricately-crafted and complex time-shenanigans 'nothing is as it seems' rollercoaster. The narrator is a master at interweaving threads of time and knows and shows where the story is going no matter what the incredible writers and their well-realized, living, breathing characters throw at it. The writers are all pulling the best out of each other and that's a pleasure to see. I've cheered and groaned, cried and near felt my heart stop, and have come to love this as one of my favorites on Storium.”

dancingcrane   9/27/19

“'Lord of the Rings' meets 'Bridesmaids' as four loud, rude, badly-prepared 'Bad Girls' of short stature go on the sort of quest that usually ends with everyone in prison. Includes epic scenes of goat-wrangling, property destruction, accidental flirting, spelunking, bluffing, and drunken country dancing. The kind of story where you root for the protagonists to succeed, but feel slightly bad about yourself for doing it. If you like fantasy, barnyard animals, and crude humour, you're going to love reading this.”

Furare   9/12/19

“A story of adversity and suffering, of companionship and affection, of exhilaration and terror, this scifi thriller explores far more than the lonely recesses of the universe, it explores the lonely recesses of the human condition. In the face of incalculable odds, what does it take for a crew lost in hostile space to survive? Wonderfully written action, adventure, and vivid, endearing characters await the reader who along the journey is left to confront the gut-wrenching question: what would I do, given their situation?”

Kayne   8/23/19

“Misfits. Outcasts. Accursed. The year is 1894, and there are teenagers all over the globe with... unique... abilities. There is one place that welcomes them all, a place that teaches them to control their differences; The Institute of the Accursed. However, chaos often erupts easily. Harry Potter meets Sense8 in this tremendously thrilling sci-fi story, which will captivate you for days. If this story was a book, it would be one of my all-time favorites.”

Artemis14   12/15/18

“A desperate journey through an unforgiving post-apocalyptic desert to find a place no one's ever come back from and rescue your boss's ex-wife's brother. How can this possibly go wrong? Let me count the ways. 'From Dust Till Dawn' is a story of sandstorms, murderous cyborgs, inhospitable landscapes, mysterious technology, giant lizards, (ex-?)marital strife, and electro-spears. If it were a book, it'd be hard to put down.”

Furare   10/15/18

“This is a fun sci-fi story with a fascinating array of colorful characters (*literally* colorful in the case of Tchikaakarek) and an intriguing story. I recommend checking it out!”

KingGramJohnson   4/21/18

“A wild ride through the misadventures of a group of screen writers trying to come up with a hit show. All they have is the name they drunk emailed the studio, “Game of Drones.” Now they have to come up with a show, face agressive CEOs, temperamental directors, kooky actors and hope nothing explodes, unless the script calls for it. This is a fun romp, lots of quirky challenges and wonderful characters.”

docwho2100   4/ 8/18