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Sliders 2019

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Our story follows a group of people, called “Sliders”, as they travel (“sliding”) between different Earths in parallel universes via a vortex-like wormhole, hoping to return safely to their own respective Earths. The vortex can only be opened after a specific but random period of time in each new universe, monitored by a countdown clock on a portable timer that they carry; failure to open the vortex in time would strand the Sliders in that universe. The travelers have no control over what world they end up in, and must continually look for the means to find their way back to their own home dimensions.

Unlike the television show ‘Sliders’ in which this game is based upon, each character hails from a different world, one that differs in some way from each other’s and our own. Characters for this game will also be between the ages of 14 and 19. The story will start out with all of the Sliders finding one another for the first time on the current world, having passed through the vortex…either accidentally or intentionally…when it briefly appeared in their own dimension. From here forward they will travel as a group using the newly discovered device that opens the vortex, and they will be working together to find a way back to their own respective worlds.

Hosted and narrated by: Dave (DrGoose)

Started 02/19/19. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

Fairview - Book One; Hidden Magic

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Welcome to Fairview.

Fairview was once a peaceful, colourful, fun little town, until it wasn’t. King Cornelius III and his adoring wife, Queen Amberly have ruled over Fairview for over a centuries. They have filled the town with their fairy magic, their love, and their enthusiasm. Everyone loved Fairview.
Until tragedy struck.
In Fairview, the law is that any ruler of Fairview must provide an heir to the throne. If there is no heir after the King or Queen’s first century of ruling, the Witch will give the town and the ruler a severe punishment. King Cornelius III and Queen Amberly had been trying to give the town an heir for the century of their ruling, but couldn’t. This sent the town in a spiral; people began boarding their doors, running away, stealing whatever goods they could find. No one had ever seen the Witch, but knew She could do great harm to the town of Fairview.
Soon enough, the Witch arrived, frightening the town. King Cornelius III tried to plead with the Witch, asking for another year, but She refused. Then, she noticed something. The King and Queen had a slight shimmer that could only be one thing: magic. Another law in Fairview was the forbiddance of magic. Anyone with magic would be killed.
The Witch was filled with such rage, since the entire town knew about the royaltys’ magic, but had decided to do nothing about it. She cast a spell on the entire town, stripping everyone of any hidden magic, and taking anyway the town’s colour and any source of fun. She then cut off the heads of King Cornelius III and Queen Amberly.
However, what no one knew (including King Cornelius III and Queen Amberly) was that Queen Amberly was, in fact, pregnant with a very special child. A Child of Magic.
Unfortunately, due to the death of Queen Amberly, the child also died. However, the magic did not. The magic inside of Queen Amberly exploded, filling the town of Fairview with a tiny bit of magic. Hidden magic; magic the townspeople did not know about.
Magic they would not find out about until much, much later….

Now, Fairview is a bleak, quiet town with little colour. Everything is either black or white. The townspeople stay boarded up in their houses, not daring to exit. No one has entered Fairview for centuries… Until now.

You are not from Fairview, but have heard quite a lot about it. You have heard many legends and fables about Fairview’s past, and are intrigued to find out more about it. However, Fairview is not what you expected.

Especially when you and two others are the only people who can take down the Witch and break the curse set upon Fairview.

Do you have what it takes?

Sorry for my extensive amount of detail in the plot description; this idea has been sitting in my head for awhile and a detailed backstory was needed. This storyline will include things such as:
— Fairies (possibly other supernatural such as trolls)
• Fairies are immortal creatures, and love anything to do with nature. Some are known to be tricksters, while others are the nicest fairies you will ever meet. Fairies don’t have any concept of time, so years feel like days and centuries feel like years to them.
— Witches (one main witch, really)
•The Witch is another immortal, and one of the only known witches with sorcery, and actual magical powers. Most of the other witches in nearby countries and towns to Fairview are known to be “fake witches”. This means they are more like magicians, and their powers aren’t true magic. However, the Witch has managed to gain powers, and uses her magic to harm.
— Magic
•Magic is a beautiful thing, especially in a place like Fairview. There are two types of magic we will be dealing with: Good Magic, and Bad Magic, both crucial to this storyline.
• Most characters I assume you create will eventually develop Good Magic, which is where your character’s powers will be used for (you guessed it), good. Their powers can include healing, clairvoyance, anything nature-related, etc. They use their powers for good, whether they have control of it or not.
• Now, here comes the more challenging type of magic: Bad Magic. (If you are interested in making a character with bad magic, pay close attention.) I don’t expect a lot of people will create characters with Bad Magic, because it may be difficult to fit in with my story, but if you feel you can pull it off, I have complete faith in you. Anyway, Bad Magic is basically bad, or evil, magic. Magic used for harm, such as death, destruction, chaos, etc. Most people with Bad Magic do not have full control over their powers, which is what leads to the evilness. People who do have control (like the Witch), are very skillful and have dedicated many years or centuries mastering their skill (something none of your characters will have done. They all just received their powers)
— Elves, Trolls, etc.
•Other supernatural such as elves and trolls may be included later in the plot.
This is a fantasy story, if you haven’t already figured out :)

Here’s just some more information that you will want to read.
— I am not a member, and unfortunately, I cannot change the story format. Due to this, there will be more than one “book”, or part to the story (hence why the title includes “book one”). I expect this story will be quite long, but I’m not sure how many “books” I will create. This means I will need committed characters, since I’m only allowed three (sad, I know :/), and not people who will drop out quickly.
— I am looking for people who can write detailed and vivid chapters, to really bring my story to life. Minimum amount of typos (I understand electronics can be a pain with typos, but it can’t be an insane amount of typos). Reread your work before publishing.
— For this story, I will be focusing more on the writing portion, rather than the obstacle cards. To be honest, I probably won’t be using any. Just a heads up for those of you who prefer the cards over the writing.
— Just to clarify, your character should be human. They may or not may not develop magical powers later on due to the magic sprinkled throughout Fairview.
—Don’t panic; this is not first come first serve. I will leave submissions open for a bit to give everyone a bit of time.

Hosted and narrated by: Caitlyn

Started 02/19/19. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 3
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Host License

Attack of the Phantoms

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A tale of the rock group KISS, and their efforts to thwart mad scientist, Abner Devereaux, and his diabolical plan to take over the world.

Devereaux has found a way to clone humans into robots and within his laboratory beneath The KISS World amusement park, he plans to use an upcoming KISS concert as the platform to unleash his attack. .

The four members of KISS must use the special powers granted to them by their mystical talisman in a battle of magic vs science, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.


This game will loosely be based upon the movie KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (known as “Attack of the Phantoms” in Europe) as well as the two Marvel Comics Super Specials released in the late 1970s, but no knowledge of the movie or comics is necessary. Players will be taking on the part of their own CUSTOM band member. (No Paul, Gene, Ace, and Peter nor “Starchild” “Demon” “Space Ace” or “Catman” …create your own individual)

Please indicate your character’s “real” name, their stage persona (for example, “The Fox”) gender, (yes, you can play a female in this game) musical instrument, and the type of power granted to them by their talisman.

I will not be creating any cards to be used in character creation, as I do not want to influence the type of characters submitted. (Though, I will state that I will show favoritism towards any character which makes use of a KISS song as their persona…”Mr. Speed” for example….though don’t use that one, as I have plans for such a character within the game)

I’ve also chosen not to reveal any of the other cards you usually see, so as to not reveal my intentions for the story at the outset of this game.

Hosted and narrated by: Dave (DrGoose)

Started 10/02/18. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 7
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

When the Giants Fell

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In the world of never ending excitement and adventure these brave souls are on the quest that none other would have even thought of accomplishing let alone even start.

“The mountains are moving- I feel it”- Jeremiah

When the giants move, that means one thing, usually one of rejoicing and parties. The reason when they all meet, in the place of power and humbling. The Heart of the World. They gather to write the future of the land, mountains, skies and, waters, but someone has a very different, evil plan for the future of the lands. The only thing stopping that someone? The giants. The reason? They are the only ones who can open the Heart of the World to write the future of it.

Hosted and narrated by: Levi Peterson (Weavers)

Started 02/19/19. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 4
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 3

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

Small Green

Small Green

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The year is 2051 and World War III has broken out in Europe, the USA, Australia, and parts of Asia. Almost a billion lives have been lost; millions of homes have been destroyed. There are millions of refugees but no country that can accept them.

The Alvarez and Fernandez families decide to work together in protecting their family, and sail towards the Polynesian Islands, when they discover an island, which they name ‘Verde Pequeño’ or ‘Small Green.’ The island is only two thousand miles off the coast of Peru, yet it is uninhabited. The two families settle on the resourceful island, and try to decide whether they should tell the people back home about their new home.

Hosted and narrated by: Happy Panda (happypanda)

Started 01/30/19. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 2
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: ImaginaryRealism, PrincessOfPotatoes

License: Community License

image source: Joan Campderrós-i-Canas

Endbury: town of lies; Chapter One

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The small town of Endbury seems so very serene. Yes? no. In it’s paved streets and quaint shops lies a secret. Magic and deception. Who knows the truth? and who is going to find it?
In a small box, buried amongst the roots of the biggest willow tree in the town park, sits a scroll. A scroll with a spell on it’s old and yellow pages. A spell that cursed the town with 2,000 years of magic, and magical mayhem. Monsters, witches, the evil magic itself, will all come to the small town of Endbury, with one goal.

To kill everyone who ever knew of the magic or the town’s secrets.

Please note that since I like long stories, I have decided to split this up into chapters, each chapter will be made when the previous one is done, so if you participate in this one and wish to join the next, please do!
Also in the possible next one, your character might be carried over and if you do not join or do not wish to join, they may be dismissed or pushed to the side, so that if you wish to join a future one you may!

Hosted and narrated by: Princess OfPotatoes (PrincessOfPotatoes)

Started 02/19/19. Scenes played: 2

Target number of characters: 7
Current number of characters: 4
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: NeuronThief, Aspect, PrincessOfPotatoes, UsernameUnavailable

License: Host License

Jupiter II

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Update; We’re still relatively early into the game (the start of Act 2, Scene 1) but we’re still in need of our John Robinson


Jupiter 2 is based upon the classic Lost in Space television show though, like the recent Netflix series, it’s open to reinterpretation as it pertains to the gender and ethnicity of the cast.

The story will follow the adventures of the Space Family Robinson as the first family in space, their mission a five-and-a-half-year journey to an Earthlike planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri. They will not fulfill that mission.

The cast will consist of two parents, three children ranging in age from about 12 to 19, their pilot, a robot, and an unexpected stowaway. I will be taking on the dual role of Narrator and pilot Major Don West as I prefer to influence the story in-game as opposed to narrative directives. I also have a couple of players tabbed for both the youngest child (Will Robinson) and the robot, though that can always change due to their availability/preference for a different character, so feel free to submit a character for those roles if you’d like.

The game will follow a one-scene-a-week pace, running from Sunday through Saturday, and players will be required to either post within that week or contact me if they are unable to do so. I reserve the right, as narrator, to move characters along in the story so as to avoid any prolonged delays in play.

The game will start in about a week after this listing regardless of number of characters, as the opening scene will see active characters unexpectedly emerging from suspended animation, so any players joining the game at a later date can simply “wake up” at that time.

Lastly, I’m using the “Space” adventure game world for simplicity in setting things up, so don’t read too much into what you see in regards to locations, Characters, and challenges, as most of that will be changed (no “sneak peeks” as to what to expect in our game!) You are, however, free to use the Nature, Strength, Weakness, and Subplot cards listed, though creating original cards more in keeping with your concept of your character submission is encouraged.

Hosted and narrated by: Dave (DrGoose)

Started 01/26/19. Scenes played: 4

Target number of characters: 7
Current number of characters: 8
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Lomythica, Quillian, Kayla79, DrGoose, DaveWho, Esbee, LinuxLefty, 404ellienotfound

License: Community License

The Meaning Of Dreams

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Have your nightmares taken a turn for the worse? Are you waking up with burning headaches, sweaty mouth, and absent memories of your tenth birthday?

Chances are that you’ve been visited by a dream demon - a spectral entity that haunts your dreams and eats your memories. But no worries! As scary and otherworldly as they may seem they are nothing more than parasites in a host’s body! We here at the Dream Demon Extermination Foundation are professional extractors that will climb into your subconscious and smoke those pesky roaches out of your unconscious, returning you to sweet and restful slumber.

The best part? You get all your memories back at no extra charge!

Give us a call at the number below or visit us at our website,! We are also accepting job applications to join the Dream Demon Extermination Foundation today!

Have wonderful dreams tonight!

Hosted and narrated by: jadeflower

Started 02/13/19. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 3
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 2

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

The Dragonborn

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Experience a classic fantastical adventure in a swords-and-sorcery world of perilous dungeons. Your tale might even begin in a tavern!
Even Romance is involved(LGBTQ+ Welcome!!)

Hosted and narrated by: Leigh Seren (DaughterOfLipsoul)

Started 02/17/19. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 2

Players so far: DaughterOfLipsoul

License: Community License

Winners in the game of love

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Open Lobby began {{helpers.calendarDisplayTime(1550425416)}}, ends {{helpers.calendarDisplayTime(1551635016)}}

It’s time for you to find your perfect gentleman/lady to spend the rest of your life with but marriage is a huge game those days. Are you a good enough player? Are they?…

Hosted and narrated by: Zuzanna (NickyRose)

Started 02/03/19. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 3
Current number of characters: 2
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Firecraker101, PrincessOfPotatoes

License: Community License

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