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Realm of the 50

Realm of the 50

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Experience a highly magical, fantastical adventure in a swords, sorcery, and automata world of perilous politics and dangerous dungeons. A world where there live 50 magical families ruled by a Prince with a history of ‘losing’ his wives–quite a feat on a small isle surrounded by endless mists.

Looking for members of the noble families, soldiers, merchants, and ladies in search of political power…

Hosted and narrated by: Angel (LadyJewell)

Started 03/05/17. Scenes played: 2

Target number of characters: 9
Current number of characters: 8
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: September, stormsoul29, kaminoshi, Highroad, Gaudialis, Taurous, Praseodymium, Selysin

License: Host License

image source: leshaines on Flickr

A Faculty for Magic

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Elpis Wong is going to save the world.

It isn’t something she has a choice over. That’s the ‘great’ thing about prophecies - they pick and choose based on their own obscure criteria, not whether or not you’re free this Tuesday to avert the apocalypse. And try telling your teachers you couldn’t turn in your homework because you were busy battling the forces of evil.

Still, she’s pretty keen that the world keeps on going - she’s dying to know if anybody’s going to ask her to the Beltane Ball - so she’ll balance arithrimancy with late-night jaunts in the haunted tunnels beneath the school and hopefully won’t fail at either.

This is not a game about Elpis or her scrappy group of friends saving the world. We’ve all read that story before. This story is about the hard-working, underappreciated teachers at Susmore Academy working behind the scenes to make sure the world doesn’t end and that none of their students die before the semester’s out (which they seem to try to do with alarming frequency). Elpis and her friends may be battling the Big Bad, but there are plenty of other dangers out there.

Double agents.

Cursed items.

Parent-teacher coffee mornings.

Hosted and narrated by: Erin 🐝 (erindubitably)

Started 03/15/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

St Cernunnos

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The Vent léger has finally set sail – the well-known ex-military airship has been repurposed for a government funded colonial project to an unclaimed island off the eastern coast of Africa. The age of expansion and technological revolution was circulating the globe and France’s territory continued to expand each day to compete with the ever-dominant British Empire and the rising influence of German, Belgian and Russian colonial adventures. Whilst the colonial project may have been approved and funded by the French government, make no mistake, the island was not backed by the French regime until it was an established, sustainable colony. They would receive supplies sporadically when requested from the French mainland but these would be inconsistent until the island had a decent port or airship mast. The Earth, the fertile plain that had harboured and raised humanity from the dawn of time was no longer unconnected and infinite, the land was running out and the Empire needed to compete with its rivals.

Expedition leader, and self-appointed Mayor, Cyril Berlioz had scouted the best of France for noted explorers, scientists, builders and soldiers to help assist him in his expedition, however, this expedition came with a cost. The French government, in return for their limited assistance, requested that the island can also be used to remove any political dissidents and convicts to earn their penance far from France’s continental shores. Without the funds, the expedition would never have occurred and Cyril had no option but to accept. St Cernunnos, as the island had been named by the French explorer that found it, was named after an ancient Gaulic God of fertility and prosperity – roughtly fifty miles from the Somali coast. It was lauded as an oasis and a prime candidate to be a trading hub within the Indian Ocean.

It has been four days since you boarded the Vent léger in Marseilles and set sail for the island with all your worldly possessions and supplies provided by the French Government. The Captain, Nathan Arceneaux, is a distinguished military captain and in a rush to see you and supplies safely left on the island of St Cernunnos.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the darkness that stalks the island is ready to welcome your colonial adventures…

(-) (-) (-)

Application: I have made a few basic cards, but any applicants may feel free to create any new cards that they desire. I would like pictures either real or drawings for all cards!

Premise: Steampunk, semi-historical world surrounding a colonial start up on a far flung island chain off the African coast in the early 1910s. The technology will be slightly more steampunk and slightly ahead of it’s time but nothing too outlandish – heavy card plays will be needed due to lots of extra assets and goals.
Underneath all this, however, a lurking mysterious threat is watching, waiting for the colony to be established…

Hosted and narrated by: George Harry (Resolute)

Started 03/01/17. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 8
Current number of characters: 8
Submissions pending: 3

Players so far: Allyana, KeylSunders, Kelly617, Snail, godsofcyan, rmalena, Wander, uncheckedgrowth

License: Community License

Title TBD

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A fantasy story of epic proportions! -Placeholder for TBD game description-

Hosted and narrated by: Kevin (Doomcrow)

Started 03/20/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 4
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: montebertrand

License: Host License

A sturdy motte-and-bailey fortress hunkers behind thick stone curtain walls. The only approach is a road up a steep hill that crosses a stone arch bridge toward the portcullis.

The Demise of Verldern

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In The Shoreship Tavern a rumour is started: Queen Cynwyn is set to overthrow King Hari and claim the throne for herself. Veldern is thrown into turmoil, while some lie loyal to the king, others lurk in the shadows in quiet (or vocal) support for a new time. Where do your loyalties lie? Will you protect the king from certain death, or is it time for change in Veldern?

Hosted and narrated by: Ashleigh Sloane (ashybear02)

Started 03/22/17. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 3
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: froyoandpho, quaggan, harper138

License: Community License

image source: Jorge Carrero Roig

Summer of the Stars

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The magic of this place is old, and slow, and deep. Spirits like you abound, but their movements are quiet, their appetites small, their tempers soft. This has been a good place for humanity to grow and stretch, making peace with their surroundings as they carve out their small, unassuming spaces.

In other lands, it is not so. Spirits roar and shriek across the land, spoiling and devouring. The humans remember. They leave you offerings on their doorsteps and wards on their doors: Do not be offended, we wish to please, but do not seek to come inside.

There are a few nights when the lines change. The humans dance, and laugh, and imagine the spirits walk among them. On one such night, at the height of a mild summer, the stars shone bright—brighter than usual.

It is said that the spirit of the sky shook out his robe. How else to explain the stars that fell? Little stars, borne on the backs of deep sapphire beetles which had never been seen in this land or any other. But they are, after all, like any other beetle: they chew their way through bark and wood, and the birds and lizards snap them up greedily. If the birds and lizards seem a little brighter afterward, if the scrawl of the star beetles seems like strange letters and sigils, well, that is no matter.

Surely no harm can come of it.

Hosted and narrated by: Stars Haven (ATreeFullOfStars)

Started 03/23/17. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 12
Current number of characters: 5
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: Shrevei, Cowntess, Lord_Entropy, blanc, yorblesnoot

License: Community License

Caught in Amber

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You are members of the Amber bloodline with your inherent powers but, exiled to the Shadow Earth and cut off from your powers, at the same time being thrown to the authorities as high risk criminals and imprisoned in various “Super Max” equivalent prisons, psychiatric hospitals or a DHS black site (such as Plum Island) in North America some time in the past 40 years.

There you languished until recently when you felt your powers returning a little at a time. The exile, imprisonment and being cut off from your powers was of course managed by Eric using the Jewel of Judgement to prevent you from taking sides against him in his bid for power. As distant relations (perhaps only a quarter of royal blood or less) your powers are not as amazing or absolute as demonstrated by Corwin and others nor do you have Trumps (although you can use them to contact others if you get them).

The return of your powers is/was enough to either convince parole courts to release you or help you manage an escape (an event that a Super Max would never admit to). You may even have served your time being essentially deathless. As Eric was killed in Amber and the Jewel of Judgement was “unplugged” for a while, the blocks against your individual powers came down as well.

Hosted and narrated by: Mike Hill (Talionis)

Started 10/09/15. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 4
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 2

Players so far: Cixtian

License: Community License

3 Scene Wonder: Incident At Kurokawa Bridge

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It is the 16th century and all of Japan is gripped by a terrible war between the clans. This Sengoku Jidai has wrought enormous destruction across the islands, but a few noble clans have struggled to maintain order and honor amidst the chaos. One such clan, the Takeda, has vigorously defended its homeland of Shinano from all who would despoil it. But while the Takeda and their daimyo are on the northern border engaged in a fierce battle with the rival Uesugi clan, a horde of lawless bandits have descended upon the southern passes, ruthlessly stealing the livelihood of the hard-working Takeda peasants and slaughtering any who dare stand against them.

The dishonorable bandit army, emboldened by their success, seek to push across the Kurokawa River and into the heartland of Shinano province to grow fat on plunder. Should they succeed, the suffering peasants are almost sure to perish in the coming winter.

But there is only one bridge across the Kurokawa, and this single path is by the grace of the kami guarded by samurai. And samurai do not die easily…

Hosted and narrated by: Kay Fae (Fantastic_K)

Started 03/23/17. Scenes played: 2

Target number of characters: 8
Current number of characters: 7
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Luxia, TheG, BronzeRain, Kayne, yorblesnoot, RedFive, TheHangedMan

License: Community License

A man and a woman, weapons drawn, run stealthily through a spaceship dock.

Scrapjack: Out to the Black

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Late in the 21st century, mankind left the cradle of Earth, migrating to the stars. They took with them dreams of a better tomorrow, settling dozens of worlds. While teeming with plant and animal life, humanity found itself alone among the stars. Those systems were dubbed the ‘Colonial Core’, or simply the ‘Cores’. Two hundred years later, guided by Earth, the Cores came into their own. Together they ushered in scientific and technological miracles.

After that, they set fire to the galaxy.

The Cores War raged for ten years. It engulfed the twelve colonial Core regions of deep space in blood until the fighting came to a tenuous end. Humanity had fallen from its zenith, with most of its scientific achievements lost to the ravages of war. Some, like starships, survived but were harder to produce in the post-war era.

Now, fifteen years later, some Cores are ruled by militaristic regimes, others by dictatorships or organized crime, and still others by shaky presidencies. Many inhabitants, looking to leave their past behind, make their post-war living as ‘vessel extractors’. Otherwise known with derision among the Cores as scrapjacks.

Scrapjacks skate the line between piracy and legitimacy. They navigate unstable colonies rife with underhanded business practices and corrupt government officials. Trying to repossess or salvage illegally seized freighters, decommissioned military ships or other craft can prove dangerous. But scrapjacks are well-entrenched in the seedy underside of colonial life, willing to use inventive or questionable tactics to solve the problem at hand. They are paid well, considered indispensable by some, and free to move through the Cores with relative anonymity. Clients go to great lengths to guard their ‘jacks identities against those who fall victim to a scrapjack’s “ship liberation”.

But a scrapjack’s work sometimes causes more trouble than even a few million cred - and a little luck - can fix.

Out to the Black

Captain Mao Tanner with his new hired crew set out on a mission to track down and bring back a long lost exploration ship. A 900 ton Odyssey Class called the Argo. It’s a “bread and butter” job. Get the ship and tow her back to Calim Station for the client to take ownership. Nothing easier.

But that could be considered famous last words …

Hosted and narrated by: Christopher Ash (Kummer_Wolfe)

Started 03/16/17. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 8
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Ceekayell, resuki, docwho2100, Kummer_Wolfe, mikitracey, Princesco, danyael, Lamar

License: Community License

image source: Amit Dutta
Game 1

Game 1

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Ancient evils lurk in ancient ruins and twisted, hell-bent cults want to let it loose. In this sepia-toned world, cunning and intrepid souls risk it all to uncover the truth and protect humanity from horrors buried deep in the ground — and in our secret history. This pulp-horror deck pits expert global investigators against hideous monsters in the 1930s. This needs to be scary, I want to get nightmares from playing this.

Hosted and narrated by: zombi

Started 03/13/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 4
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

image source: mckaysavage on Flickr

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