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Reverence: FelGod Wars

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The end of the world is Nye… the realm of the mortal is at an end.

The Desolation’s are upon us. The Old Gods have unleashed the divine host to cleanse the world of of mortal kind. Across the face of the world death and destruction is meted out in astonishing voracity. Mortal armies, hoards, and beast face unbeatable odds, as the host, lead by the gods themselves lay wast to all in their path.

The end is here…

But across the barren waste of the Scar… word has wafted back that a lone soldier has done the impossible. She has Killed a god…

Perhaps you have traveled across the dessert sands in hopes of joining the last hope of mortal kind. Perhaps you were standing on the wall, or on the field of battle when the impossible happened. What ever your reason, the hands of fate have shifted… Hope springs anew… perhaps, in the end… we can survive the Wrath of the Gods.


Reverence is a project to re-invent classic fantasy by tieing in some eastern, and middle eastern fantasy tropes. It is a high magic, fantasy setting, with different, new and (hopefully) interesting races.

As I hope to make this a full, and lavish work of fantasy, I am open to a great many ideas, and look forward to adding great concepts and great stories to the project.

I’m hoping that the story we created collaboratively will spark an idea that i can run with personally toward publishing something in the setting.

Hosted and narrated by: Cixtian Trybe (Cixtian)

Started 02/19/18. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 2
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Macrocosm, Phee

License: Community License w/ Creative Commons

Unknown Shores Vol 01. - The Army of Echoes

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In a world that lies at the crossroads of reality, a team of researchers have discovered the findings of an archaeomancer within the Temple Observatory’s stacks. From that information, they have calculated the ideal celestial concordance under which to sail beyond the borders of the known world - through the veil of the Great Umbra to a land thought lost to history. What awaits them could change the world forever but not everyone is so eager to see history rewritten.

Hosted and narrated by: Brian Laliberte (Darrius842)

Started 07/11/17. Scenes played: 4

Target number of characters: 8
Current number of characters: 7
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: davidelrizzo, Aijae524, Sheep_Dogg, SaiFai, column, Raedar, Freydis

License: Host License

Torbats Lords and Ladies of Fate

Torbats Lords and Ladies of Fate

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Experience a custom world made by yours truly! A world that is attempted to intertwine with the cards of Storium and my own. Characters can be requested for creation if it so fits the setting, and cards can also be requested if it fits the laid out map of Torbat.

Hosted and narrated by: SpectersBreath

Started 02/18/18. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 4
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 3

Players so far: SpectersBreath

License: Host License

image source: leshaines on Flickr
To get the girl

To get the girl

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A man in love, a girl with cancer, a protective dad, a lazy nurse, a busy Dr., and all one story.

Hosted and narrated by: Ani Brooks (ilovemymommey)

Started 02/17/18. Scenes played: 2

Target number of characters: 3
Current number of characters: 2
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: ilovemymommey, CaptainClinty

License: Community License

image source: usnavy on Flickr

Just out of reach

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~Set on Earth, 400 years in the future, post apocalypse~
As Earth’s remaining population begins to trickle away, the last survivors began finding abilities they never had before, and with each dying soul- the power grows stronger. After a disastrous experiment done by the protagonists, earth is left in wastes and they’ve set off on a journey to a lost, little forgotten planet just outside the sun’s reach. Everything is the same there, always is, always has been, and always will be until the humans arrive, shaking their earth.

Hosted and narrated by: Aphelion

Started 02/15/18. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 7
Current number of characters: 2
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: GalaxyTrash123, megacraze

License: Community License

The Holes In Our Universe

The Holes In Our Universe

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A small ship sails through the vast void.
The years don’t matter anymore, but we have come so far from blasting a man on the moon. No one knows where the original solar system is, but we make home in anyone we find. Industrial giants go searching for planets ridden with natural resources. Hotels find comets and plop a building on them. Everything is growing, and the best part is that it never will stop.

But there are regular people like us. Spirits high and hopes low. Looking for something, a home, a lost loved one, or maybe we don’t know yet. But we keep sailing, searching for the place where we will be truly happy. Rather it be with hostile aliens or dangerous planets, we share one thing in common.
A small ship sails through the void.

Hosted and narrated by: Hearth

Started 02/14/18. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 2

Players so far: Hearth

License: Community License

image source: Sweetie187 on Flickr

Star Wars: The Shattered Republic

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2500 years after the Galactic Civil Wars….

The allegiances and factions of old have changed beyond recognition. But the same planets remain and the bloodlines of legendary figures such as LUKE SKYWALKER and SHEEV PALPATINE live on.

Orbiting the planet of Naboo, ECHO BASE is a collossal space station and the galaxy’s largest Republic Academy. While young Jedi and Republic Troopers train there for inevitable war – suddenly Naboo is mysteriously destroyed! With the Jedi Council and the seat of the Republic vaporized, the trainees become the Republic’s first and only defense against the new and unknown threat.

The battle between dark and light continues….

Join with me as I make everything up as I go to make a new star wars film saga. You have the choice of beginning on Echo Base or Coruscant, but your characters will be the heroes of the story. That doesn’t mean you must be 100% altruistic (preferably you have several layers), but just know you’ll be fighting on behalf of the Republic. Make a character with some connection to the established world, and let’s get flying. May the force be with you.

Updated Soundtrack:

UPDATE: As we reach about halfway through the film, we venture into the thrilling climax where everything will be one the line! Then we’ll be able to move to the second installment of this new Star Wars trilogy as the war continues.

I’m opening the game up to 1 or 2 more spots depending on interest. Think of yourself as Leia in New Hope or Lando in Empire – a new main char who doesn’t join the group until halfway through the story. Check out other characters already in-game and create something different or complimentary to them. Bonus points if you have Star Wars archetypal traits.

You can be any sort of character who might ally with the Republic (whether a Republic Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Jedi or otherwise). You joined with another Republic outpost/organization before or after Naboo’s destruction. Now, you will be joining the large consolidated fleet our characters will lead for the film’s final battle. You have the option but need not read everything in the game so far. When we work out how you’ll enter the story, I can summarize any plot info you need.

Message me with questions or to pitch an idea before completion. I’d love to hear it.

Hosted by: Mac R (Macrocosm)

Rotating narration

Started 11/11/17. Scenes played: 5

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 6
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Cixtian, summerjuliet, april, Mongrelius, Adelaie, DrMcQuark

License: Community License



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After the siege and capture of the Atreides enclave in Arrakeen, the household members and soldiers who survived were scattered to the winds. Some were able to arrange their way off planet but many joined Fremen, mercenary groups or went on as freelance soldiers including Gurney Halleck, the valorous and well-known swordmaster.

Gurney was captured by a Sardaukar capture or kill team (after significant losses) and taken to an unknown site to await interrogation, leverage against the other members of the household and eventual execution. The word is, that he is kept in a perpetual drugged state to reduce his resistance and to prevent him from killing himself just yet.

Muad’dib has asked a team of Fedaykin to recapture Halleck and put him back into circulation, fighting the Harkonnens but without bringing Muad’dibs name or part in the rescue. Halleck still has a part to play.

As far as player dynamics, I am looking for an all Fremen cast unless a good case can be made for a Mentat, a Face Dancer or other interested party. Keep in mind that among Fremen, women are valued as highly as men for fighting and survival skills. If you choose NOT to be a Fremen, weaknesses will likely include Lack of Water Discipline.

I welcome custom cards of all kinds; card art is less important but would like to see at least an attempt for the character portrait. Same goes for the character name. That being said, the idea is for this to be an environment to have fun and be creative without judgement or criticism.

This is not “first come, first accepted” but I will only leave invites open generally for a short time. If there is not enough interest, I will not run the story. If you have already applied and been accepted but there are no further applications, please understand that this game will not go on.

I expect to take 3 or 4 players and am looking for players that are committed, know the background of Dune at least historically (I do not expect you to reread the novel before being allowed in). Also, as much as I like the work of David Lynch, I will try to stay true to the original work rather than the film.

Hosted and narrated by: Mike Hill (Talionis)

Started 12/19/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 4
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: BigBadBear

License: Community License

Fur & Fangz: A Punk Odyssey (A)

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Starting a pop-punk band in a city overrun with supernatural creatures is really no different from starting a pop-punk band in any other city: you pay your dues, sleep in the van, play whatever stage they’ll let you jump up on. Sometimes you get paid in drinks, and sometimes you get thrown out before your set because you started a barfight when some fuckhead called your lead singer a nasty slur.

Logistically, it’s a little more complicated. Your bassist is restricted to the shadows during daytime shows, and your drummer has no corporeal form with which to move their drumset (and everybody else is kind of bitter about it). But you can still battle of the bands with the best of them, and maybe someday make it big enough to smash your guitars without worrying about how to replace them before the next show.

The story of a bunch of hometown heroes, competing in a battle-of-the-bands laid over a very loose adaptation of the Odyssey - oh, and also everyone is a supernatural creature, and we’ll have some fun playing with how their various paranormal needs and powers interact with each other, their competitors, and playing music itself.

Hosted and narrated by: Andie Begins (AndreaBegins)

Started 02/19/18. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 9
Current number of characters: 5
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: ankti, Adelaie, Eraille, april, Sprinkles42

License: Community License