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The (Unofficial) Storium Newsletter

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Welcome, Storiads, to The (Unofficial) Storium Newsletter! This is just a place where we write about the different aspects of Storium, and where we have a lot of fun doing it. You can participate too, by responding to our polls, asking questions, and giving us feedback on our different columns! We are written by Storium, for Storium. Have some fun reading the latest (Unofficial) Storium Newsletter!

The Team:
@Drucellia: Editor; Narrator; “Quote of the Week”; “Riddle of the Week”; “Advertisements” Writer
@Latte1: “Character of the Week” Writer
@Rattannah: “FAQs”; “Literary Gems” Writer
@Shrevei: “Offsite Resources” Writer
@thewillowstorm: “Character Corner”; “Video Game of the Week” Writer
@Kyoko: “Song of the Week” Writer
@xX_Del_Xx: “Book of the Week” Writer

Available Positions:
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Important Notice: The (Unofficial) Storium Newsletter is geared towards Storiads 13+, and will not be accepting content with 18+ themes. Thank you for understanding!

Hosted by: Latte Coffee (Latte1)

Narrated by: Drucellia (Drucellia)

Started 05/31/22. Scenes played: 42

Target number of characters: None specified
Current number of characters: 9
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Rattannah, Drucellia, Zinzerena, Talionis, Shrevei, thewillowstorm, Kyoko, xX_Del_Xx, mangokiwi

License: Community License

Best's Mistakes

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Best Incorporated - is a industrial giant in Second and Third galaxy ring, and keep expansing his infuence both in territory and in production, slowly pushing out of market its opponents. However, can it all be that simple? Does they really grow up perfectly? Or they just carefuly cover up their mistakes, keep their reputation clean and green?*

Take a role as employee of the Best Incorporated and demonstrate all those non-belivers that you and your company have nothing to hide! All your business clean and healthy!


Hosted and narrated by: JazzQube

Started 09/23/23. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 4
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

Earth Awakens

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The year is 3033, and the world has gone through two alien invasions in the span of two decades. Most people believe that the alien invasions are over but some people know that the government is hiding vital information about these attacks on humanity.

The technology advancements are moving along. There are flying cities, AI, and many more.

Suddenly you hear the warning siren, “Warning, there is a UFO sighting in California. We are warning all inhabitants to go prepare themselves for whatever outcome there may be.” Mot much of a panic was evident in the area as people either laughed it off or ignored it all together.

Within the next hour you felt the ground shake and the sky took the color of a muddy gray.

What’ll you do? Will you run the other way or will you try and figure out what’s going on and why?

Hosted and narrated by: Aaliyah ... (Blxebxll)

Started 09/23/23. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 7
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

THE CHOSEN ONE!!! ~Kiai Edition~

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They killed your mother and kidnapped your fiance…
But actually that hasn’t happened yet because we’ll cover that in the first scene.
You must embark on a
cliche legendary quest to learn how to shoot hadookens and stuff.
Soon they will all feel the wrath of…

  • 1 Player but up to 7 people can play one or more supporting roles to THE CHOSEN ONE
  • 3rd person past-tense, THE CHOSEN ONE has spoken!
  • Drop-in/Drop-out Gameplay, except for THE CHOSEN ONE
  • Antagonists welcome!!!

Game- The Chosen One is a parody of martial arts media, most of all the rise and fall of Shenmue (Sega/Ys). The story will begin fairly grounded and towards the end we’ll add all the floating swords, spells, jaguar-headed wrestlers, and alien-ninja-robots, that is if we even get to the end. Nonmember status or not, I’ve decided that bite-sized short stories will be the best way to work our way through a martial arts epic.

Narration- I haven’t narrated anything yet so I can’t cite references but I can tell you I view Storium as a cool set of guidelines and resources instead of hard and fast rules to live by. The point of this game will be to delve into some of these tools and see what they can do.

Literacy- As long as you aren’t retconning or carelessly godmodding other characters, post as many or as little words as you like.

Power Levels- The chosen one will utilize vague classifications of power to provide a sense of balance when encountering npcs. The following numbers chart a rough equivalent of what the character is capable of.

  • 0- All standard people, be they trained or untrained, weak or strong, smart or watch reality tv. This would likely cover 98% of the population.
  • 1- Top level fighters on numerous performance enhancers.
  • 2- The first level beyond real-life attainability, will have a minor supernatural effect.
  • 3- FAR faster and stronger than a human could ever be, a character who can fight large groups of lesser enemies.
  • 4 Can probably dodge bullets.
  • 5 Most likely capable of some sort of minor aura power.
  • 6 Able to stop bullets, under the right circumstances.
  • 7+ Increasing degrees of S-tier

(For this story you shouldn’t have to worry about anything above power level 2.)

Hosted and narrated by: Nunya Beezwax (Grandclam)

Started 09/19/23. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 1
Current number of characters: 5
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Epp3s, xX_Del_Xx, Latte1, Nicklien

License: Community License

image source:

The City of Brothers

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Magheim, the city of brothers, is the leading port city in the land of Fjelfrið. Located along the northern edge of continental Kalgidas, the valleys and coastline of the Storm-Shield mountains have harboured Fjelfrið ever since a band of human thralls and exiled dwarves came together and sought to hide within the vastness of the mountains.

Despite several attempts by jealous neighbours and rivals to find and crush these outlaws, they endured until a great battle took place which saw the the territory of Fjelfrið recognised.

However, a new threat has arisen. An alliance of dwarven cities, known as the Gelavaian Collaboration, invaded western Fjelfrið two years ago and ambushed Fjelfriðen forces sent to meet them, inflicting huge casualties.

Now, the decision has been made to elect a new Gaiser, a spear-king, to formally decide how to proceed against the Collaboration. As the city reaches a fever-pitch, with the election a week away, your characters have been brought together by one of the candidates to help them turn the tide.

This is a fantasy style setting, originally used in games of Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder.

Hosted and narrated by: James Trigg (Triggladius)

Started 09/24/23. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 4
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Candice7, tigr, The_Shadow, Searley

License: Community License

Celestia City (A Cyberpunk Adventure)

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Um, that’s a working title.

I want to find a small but dedicated cast to build this game together. We’ll only start once we have a crew who spend a couple of weeks getting ready and are still interested.

My idea is that each character has an enhanced attribute of some sort. There will be an underlying plot running as a thread, and then a variety of challenges facing the characters in a fast-paced city boarded by a wasteland.

Obviously, all with a cyberpunk theme. I’m going with the general idea of cyberpunk rather than a specific canon, in part to be original, and in part so no-one has to read up on a particular canon. Equally, we will have enough structure that players will know where they are - more to the point, all players will have a stake in setting up the story.

We’ll have some standard character cards, but also let people make their own.

I’m putting this up as a game rather than a forum post - if you are interested, please jump into the lobby!

Hosted and narrated by: Bexja (Bexja)

Started 09/04/23. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 3
Current number of characters: 4
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Bexja, Latte1, Riven, Epp3s

License: Community License

Southern Comfort

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A mystery set in the fictional small town of Independence, Georgia.

Hosted and narrated by: Ambyr Henninger (kinderwriter)

Started 08/06/22. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: kinderwriter

License: Host License