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A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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Opening for a 2nd Round of Submissions. You’ll enter the faux tour as a passerby with nothing better to do, joining the chase for the real thing.

You’ve been invited to take part in a new sightseeing tour for your city’s centennial anniversary, free of charge! Who knew that radio contest would actually result in some much-needed R&R?

This is Magic One-Oh-Five-Point-Nine, bringing you the latest in hit tunes and legit rewards!

The only catch seems to be the restriction of mobile devices, but you needed some screen downtime anyway. All your attention will be focused on soaking up all the history you can. The complimentary food and drink don’t hurt either.

You’ll see your city like never before as you travel to old haunts and new favorites on a perfect day filled with adventure! Finish off with front-row seats to a grand finale of a live concert! Rumor has it the Mayor won’t be the only star this year…

What could possibly go wrong?

The goal of players in this game would be to play as many “weak” cards and complete as many “weak” outcomes as possible while dealing with a barrage of “strong” assets, situations, and characters; essentially doing everything possible to keep what should be a great day a bad one.

I’m also open to some players being the reverse; dealing with a bad day and trying to make the best of it.

Hosted and narrated by: Latte Coffee (Latte1)

Started 01/03/22. Scenes played: 2

Target number of characters: 12
Current number of characters: 6
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: xX_Del_Xx, Eade, StormSaphire, DeadlyNightshade, Avalonika, Bexja

License: Community License

The Trojan Trials

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Greek mythology contains many legendary stories, full of bravery, sacrifice, love, and betrayal. You know the heroes of legend, you’ve heard their tales. But what if I told you that they were among us even now?

The Trojan war was where the idea was first created, and hence why it was named after it. As it came to a stop, the gods congregated, rivalry washed away in rarely seen awe of the massacre around them, caused by a single golden apple lobbed at the feet of the dieties. Bodies littering the ground, wounded being carried away by both parties, and the sobs of those who had returned to find their loved ones dead upon the gore-soaked earth. It was a gruesome, bloody sight, and yet, there was a glimmer in some of the gods’ eyes. A spark that spoke of admiration, and in the case of the more battle-minded gods, a calculating glance, as if a silent debate ran through the head.

Standing there in the middle of a massacre, the gods came to an agreement. Some objected, but they were overruled, in favor of a thirst for blood and entertainment. The agreement they came to was thus;

Let all the heroes of the folk be reincarnated into mortal bodies. Let them live their lives oblivious of what they truly were. Let them grow old and wither away, and return them to life once more, in a new body with a mind wiped blank by the waters of the river Lethe.

But, there is a requirement for this cycle to be allowed to continue. Every century, we shall take these mortal heroes, reactivate their divine powers, and subject them to trials upon Olympus, facing eachother in games of combat, skill, and mind. The winner shall earn a place in Olympus, living in luxury amongst we gods until the next Trials, which they will enter with their memories of the previous Trials intact, facing off against a new generation of reincarnated heroes. Let this cycle continue unresisted, and we will have our massacre.

With those finals words, the deities stretched out their hands, brilliant light flashing out of their palms and arcing towards those considered heroes by the people with purposeful intent. All around the world, men and women alike froze in place as a sudden freezing sensation gripped them, pins and needles rippling over flesh covered with goosebumps. And with that final act, the gods retreated from their standing point among the fields of the dead, already looking ahead for the next century.

Over the ages, they selected a scattered handful of those considered heroes once more, gifting them the ability of reincarnation. But, as time progressed into the modern eras, the memory of the trials was forgotten, as was the fact that among them were individuals who harbored the souls of the heroes of legend, completely oblivious to the truth of their reincarnated nature. So, when the next Trials occur, it may come as quite a nasty shock to the heroes…

Hosted and narrated by: Aldine

Started 11/18/21. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 2
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Aldine, Kyoko

License: Community License



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This city kills everyone who touches it, sooner or later. Better to burn bright and flare out than fade into nothing. Cut quick, dive into the global information matrix, and don’t trust anyone in this bleak future of cybernetic samurai and corporate intrigue. This deck features antiheroes ready to rock a world of dwindling privacy and fleeting fame where info’s precious and life is cheap

Hosted and narrated by: Leon Menner (wuast)

Started 01/20/22. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 3
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

image source: wilhelmja on Flickr

The War Against M.A.G

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*Submissions will remain open throughout the game. Players can join in along the way as someone the group meets along the way or a fellow Brushwind member that’s catching up to the group at a Rally point, or ANY other creative way you feel. The Governor sends out teams every 2 weeks. Send me a message if you wanna spitball ideas on joining the game.

The year is 2347 AB.

In the early 2100s (2100-2110 AB), humanity became obsessed with technology. Mason, Arthur, & Gerald, three of the smartest people in the world created an artificial Intelligence named M.A.G. AI. It didn’t take long before M.A.G was everywhere; she was in every home, every machine from TVs to coffee makers to drones. Every home was a smart home, every car a smart car, anything with a plug or battery…. smart. She didn’t even need the internet, just electricity. She knew everything. She saw everything, and she soon learned that mankind was cruel, heartless… evil. People stole, lied, cheated, and, murdered. M.A.G decided mankind was poison and they didn’t deserve to live. In 2122, she built a robotic army of M.A.G.s and began a war against humanity. Her drones surveyed every inch of above-ground land and didn’t hesitate to eliminate any human in its sight.

By 2200, the human race had almost been entirely eliminated. Those that remained lived in underground tunnels, caves, out of sight without electricity or machines of any kind. They only surfaced in small groups to search for food, water, supplies when needed.


The year is 2347 AB.

This story will follow a community in Atlanta, GA called the Tunnels of Brushwind. The community was established in 2205 AB with a total of 50 people, mostly men and women in their 30s, along with a few children that had somehow managed to survive. Many people’s entire families had been eliminated by M.A.G. and the community was all they had.

Over the next 142 years, the community had grown to 200 dwellers. Tunnell of Brushwind has a 1 child limit per family. Those who have more than one child must leave the community. This is due to space restrictions. There have been exceptions, but must be approved by Governor Frank.

The Governor has been planning and coordinating with other underground communities for many years. Mankind is organizing a war against M.A.G. They have narrowed it down to 2 places: The mainframe in Dallas, TX and the Backup in Washington D.C. The Governor’s mission is the mainframe in Dallas.

If they can only destroy the highly guarded mainframe… they may have a chance.

Hosted and narrated by: Drucellia (Drucellia)

Started 01/06/22. Scenes played: 3

Target number of characters: 666
Current number of characters: 4
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Latte1, Sofos_Nera, gh0stcAt, Kyoko

License: Community License

image source: Photo from Tech Op

We're Wolves

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It’s 1997; cellphones are expensive, big and ugly allowing only phone calls, televisions are likewise large and ungainly things, there is only basic internet, no Google, Facebook or YouTube in fact there is little function or related use unless one is a programmer. Gas is fairly expensive for it’s time, other products are decently priced and available. The Human Genome Project is nearing completion. There is war overseas but it has little effect on those in the United States and even less on those in the remote regions of the Pacific Northwest.

There have been werewolves and other creatures living quietly and in relative peace here for centuries or even millennia. They keep to themselves, stay out of sight of the mundane people who have taken over the land and do not make themselves known or even have an established homeland so that there is no more evidence of them than the other natural creatures. They even have human allies who live in the region who keep the secret, many supplying a small amount of livestock in exchange for protection against other predators.

As the world has contracted under increased urbanization, clearing land for lumber and mining and eventually agriculture and settlements, werewolves of other types have been welcomed into the wilderness areas of the northwest despite their cultural differences. Unfortunately this is also the era of spy satellites, black sites and bottomless pits of funding for weapons and projects research and the werewolves have been noticed. The only interest of the U. S. government is incorporating werewolf skills and physiology into the modern soldier.

Now there are Special Forces moving through the region, looking to capture a sample for further research (dead or alive). The community of werewolves have agreed to work together - even those of questionable values and evil spirit have been convinced that now is the time for survival and all have put aside their differences for the sole purpose of staying alive. This is the burgeoning story of how this happens - whether the werewolves survive, are scattered or die out is up to the players and the choices they make.

Hosted and narrated by: Mike Hill (Talionis)

Started 01/05/22. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 5
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: Nocturnalchemy, Bexja, Vangate, Ssieth, ShockLance

License: Community License

¡Hola Casita!

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‘This is where our magic comes from?’
‘This candle holds the miracle given to our family.’
‘How did we get a miracle?’
‘Long ago, when my three babies had just been born, your Abuelo Pedro and I were forced to flee our home. And though many joined us, hoping to find a new home, we could not escape the dangers and your abuelo was lost. But in our darkest moment, we were given a miracle. The candle became a magical flame that could never go out, and it blessed us with a refuge in which to live. A place of wonder.’
‘An encanto.’

You are a descendant of the Madrigals: A family given a miracle that gives them gifts. Of course, every family has their issues and it can be difficult to navigate them.

Disclaimer I am not Latinx or Hispanic in anyway. I will do my best to research out and would like to consult people who are as I run this game, but I am not either of those.

Hosted by: Drucellia (Drucellia)

Narrated by: Jasper (Jaspericorn)

Started 01/25/22. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 9
Current number of characters: 4
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Jaspericorn, xX_Del_Xx, SirKawaii, Aldine

License: Host License

Les MARSérables

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Humanity is expanding its presence in the Solar System! Through a joint partnership between NASA and the private space tourism company SpaceSpaceGo, a team of scientists has been sent to begin terraforming Mars. The hope is that the planet will be built into a popular vacation destination for the wealthy in the not-too-distant future, and provide income to both organizations involved.

At first, all seems to be going well. The scientists report setting up their living pods and other basic necessities without any trouble. But soon after, a distress signal is received by mission control. Attempts to reach the team after this are unsuccessful. There is confusion and concern; what could be wrong?

Unbeknownst to mankind, you and your fellow players are the reason for the distress signal. You are carnivorous aliens from Triton, one of Neptune’s moons. Hundreds of years ago your spaceship crashed into Mars and you have been stranded, trying to get off the planet ever since. When you discovered the human terraforming mission, you were convinced you could steal their ship and leave; but after centuries without food, the sight of the Earthlings was too delicious of a buffet to pass on. The scientists put up a fight, but in the end every last one was devoured. In hindsight, however, you all realized your rashness in appetite cost you what you wanted most- a way off the planet. Sure, there’s a vessel outside, but it is of human design; you don’t know how their spaceships operate without a guide and you certainly can’t read their written languages.

But not all is lost. As Tritonians, you have a valuable ability: you can shape shift and take the form of the last creature you consumed. The only way to spot you as a fake from your last victim is your teeth; sharp, imposing chompers that always remain massive and obvious. In an instant, you all take the physical forms of the yummy scientists you just enjoyed. You also don blue surgical masks from a nearby box to help obscure your dental short-comings.

“This is mission control,” you hear from a nearby speaker for the umpteenth time, “we received your distress signal! Please respond! Are you okay?”

You shoot glances to one another. You are short and to the point but reply (with your new human-sounding voices) that everything is fine and you need a new spaceship quick. When pressed for more info, you go quiet. Let them come and see for themselves how things are. When they do, you are certain you can convince them to take you with them and will finally leave that miserable Red Planet behind.

After all, how hard can it be to pass as a human?

Hosted and narrated by: Rhino Time (rhinotime)

Started 01/13/22. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 3
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

The Unchosen

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Cynthia gasped for air, the flames rising higher in the room. No. This couldn’t be how it ended, how the young scientist’s life’s work was destroyed. Fire licked the edges of the room, burning away her papers and research.

Men in all black uniform stood around the lab, kicking more vials and irreplaceable antiques onto the ground. The glass smashed down like an explosion, shards flying every which way. It was the worst sound Cynthia ever heard.

“Please.” She coughed, her vision blurred. Her glasses were broken and she didn’t know if the blur was from her eyesight or her tears. “I just wanted us Lowers to be respected!”

The leader of the masked men turned to her, a sharp ruby glint in their glowing eye. “You don’t deserve to be respected Dr. Moon.”

Then with her serum in their hand, they crashed out the lab window and the men were gone.

Cynthia clenched her fists and cried out. She created that serum to make Lowers something more than thieves, criminals, and nothings. The ones that didn’t have magic seeping through their veins, who didn’t get a gift.

Well then… she slid on her cracked glasses, her violet eyes shining. To get the serum back she would need those thieves, criminals, and nothings.

She would need The Unchosen.

In the city of Ahrmati, everyone has been gifted with powers. They all have a unique magic of their own. Some could read minds, some could levitate, heal, and even control the elements. Each villager had their own magic, and Ahrmati prospered because of this wonderful gift that had been given to them. Life and money came easily to them and the rest of the world envied their stability. But while the Ahrmatans seemed to have no flaws, they have a secret.

Deep beneath their perfect city is The Thorn where they send the Lowers. The Lowers are the few unchosen people of Ahrmati to not get gifts. Instead they got a strange marking on their wrist that could not be taken off. The Ahrmatans looked down on these people, and cast them down underneath the city, where the Lowers built their own town. The Thorn. These people became thieves, criminals, and the nobodies that everyone forgets about in a story. The Lowers have always been the unlucky ones, the unchosen and poor ones.

Then a Lower scientist tries to make a serum that allows Lowers to gain podarok too. The experiment goes terribly wrong and the serum that could change everything gets stolen by a mysterious masked figure. Now it is up to an unlikely band of Lowers and some Ahrmatans to get back the serum before the world is torn apart as they know it.

Hosted and narrated by: Your Local Monkey (BlazeTheMonkey)

Started 01/19/22. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 7
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: SnailsAndRavens, Diisous, Drucellia, Bexja, NICE, BlazeTheMonkey, Jaspericorn

License: Community License

The Cursed Crystal

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This story starts out in modern-day America, in a small town in Illinois called Pekin. There is one high school, one movie theater, one Walmart… It’s a small town. The nearest big city (Peoria) is about a 30-minute drive and you must cross 2 bridges to get there. We follow the story of a small group of friends who decide to go explore an old abandoned house in their neighborhood. The house was built hundreds of years ago and no one really knows the back story, but there are plenty of local legends. It’s dark and creepy, but in this boring town what else have we got to do? While inside they find a strange object that opens a portal to another world, a world resembling middle earth that is home to many creatures one only dreams about. Some creatures are friendly, but many are not and seek blood. What will this journey hold in store for our heroines? How will they get home?

3-5 characters will be accepted. I’m open to the idea of one or 2 characters being from the other world and can be non-human. Keep in mind if you submit a nonhuman character you will not be in the first scene.

Again, always open to changes and ideas for the story so throw them out there!

Hosted and narrated by: Drucellia (Drucellia)

Started 12/08/21. Scenes played: 2

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 4
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Nophux, KingGramJohnson, Eade, robinrivette

License: Community License

Court of the Ambassador

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A freeform game of diplomacy and conflict (and trade) with a D&D feel. Not huge focus on magic and monsters. Lots of scope for character development and story steering

No established external canon to worry about - the narrator will tell you all you need to know as you go.

I would want any player to tell me if I need to adjust to increase their access or inclusion.


This game focuses on diplomatic problem solving and advancement, set in a medieval fantasy world. It is set for three scenes but there may be sequels. This is to focus on the initial game being completed without losing momentum, but with the option for enthusiasts to continue.
It would suit people who enjoy writing about conflict resolution, diplomacy and (small p) politics. In other words, running a government and steering a people, alongside personal character development.

The game will not start until there is a core of players who have a track record or known to the narrator so we have the best chance of the game being seen through to the end.

About the story:

Your character is part of a diplomatic team with an unusual and engaging brief.

Your home land (Vitriol) has signed a treaty with an overseas country (Laskia), making a port town and some surrounding land in that continent sovereign territory of Vitriol. This is to enable efficient trade between the two peoples.
This brings a whole portfolio of opportunities and problems - not lease managing conflicting interests and possible resentment from locals. There is of course plenty of politics, as individuals and groups try to pursue their own interests.

Game world:

The game world is medieval / fantasy. Magic exists but is not over very significant importance.

Game style:

Political, diplomatic drama, with an expectation of plotting and advantage seeking.

Expect a succession of challenges for your characters as various people or groups wish to protect their interests. Drama is likely to compound and build.

The game is likely to be fairly fast paced with a lot to read - but less frequent posters will be made welcome.

New players will be encouraged by the narrator.

About the narrator and players:

There will be a lot of scope to bring your own ideas to the table. The narrator will drip-feed core information about the game world so you will not have to read lots of source material in advance.

Players are asked to communicate weekly so we know you are still playing. As players have different speeds you do not need to worry about “posting in order” or waiting for everyone to post.
Players are asked to be respectful to one another and patient if there are differences of opinion or style.

Hosted and narrated by: Bexja (Bexja)

Started 12/23/21. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License