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The Phenomena

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I once found an old science book in the library, one about those solar disks. It was near a window, and half of the book was covered in burned ash.

In it, they talk about what they call “eclipses”.

As I read, nodding my head, many things became very clear to me. Thing like why the sky had darkened so abruptly, faster than any sunset, and why the sun suddenly went black, being surrounded by a crown of rays bursting around the edges of the moon.

But what it failed to explain was why our lives changed forever. Why the mayor’s house burned to the ground. Why the dust blew through our fields, ravaging our crops and keeping us prisoners from the outside. Why sudden drops of ash fell from the sky like black rain and scorched the high-grasses of the North Meadows.

Why here in Blighton, my native town, the Black Disk has hung in the sky for almost eight years.

That, that is truly something inexplicable.

Hosted and narrated by: Julien Guelton (Julien)

Started 08/20/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 3
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

Defiance: The Journey Home

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The Pella Iowa high school senior trip was off to a fantastic start. None of the students had ever been to New York City before and they all looked at this experience as the most exciting thing that had ever happened to them. They were scheduled to visit the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo.

They had boarded their bus full of enthusiasm three days ago. Two days on the road heading east had been broken up with a stopover in Sandusky Ohio to enjoy Cedar Point Amusement Park. Last night they had arrived late in New York City and could barely sleep with all of the anticipation.

They had no idea that on the following quiet spring morning their entire world would change.

Defiance: The Journey Home will follow a group of high school students who must fight to survive the 1,000 miles trek back home when the United States is behind enemy lines. This is a companion to the game Defiance and will be set in the same world were the Soviet Union invaded America. The game will pay tribute to 1980’s classics like Red Dawn and Invasion USA. It will be an action adventure exploring the horrors of war and the bonds created by a small desperate group who must fight to survive.

This game is looking for two to three more players to fill in some losses in the cast. Please inquire in the Open Lobby for character opportunities.

Hosted and narrated by: Jay (Gilfander)

Started 06/26/17. Scenes played: 5

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 8
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Gilfander, Ekronak, WriterJamie, Vangate, Lupus8282, ShushanENA, GhostBear

License: Community License


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Throughout history there have been unique individuals - people with the shared ability to see through time. These individuals are known as Chronopaths.

Chronopaths can see and interact with other Chronopaths as easily as they would anyone else in their time. Some have even learnt how to see normal people in other times - though that skill is much rarer. Throughout time many Chronopaths have been labeled as witches or schizophrenics - talking to people who weren’t there - or rather - weren’t there at that time… Others used their skills to become psychics or historians. But even more have never learnt of their unique skills, as two Chronopaths, crossing paths through time, is quite rare.

However, a small town, or large city, or ruined wasteland, depending on when you look at it - is unique. Not only does it have one Chronopath - it has multiple. And their paths are about to cross and enter an adventure that spans millennia.

Chronopaths is an adventure, mystery story that involves a cast of interesting characters from across time working together to solve puzzles surrounding the mystery.

Hosted and narrated by: Carter Sondrol (GiantDwarf)

Started 08/21/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 5
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: TooManyIdeas

License: Community License


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In 2017, the supernatural threatens humanity from the shadows. Do you know what else threatens humanity? Stagnating wages in the face of higher and higher demands for productivity. Automation looming over greater and greater unemployment numbers.

iHunt is an answer to both of these problems. Freelance monster hunters accept “gigs” to hunt down the supernatural threats in the shadows, and make a little extra cash on the side.

It’s like Uber, but for killing monsters!

Hosted and narrated by: David Hill (machineiv)

Started 08/20/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 10
Current number of characters: 11
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: RavenBird, Filamena, edgemarquis, Aliaayshea, Phylos, BleakChimera, SpiffyBiffy, Stormvane, FloraTheFlute, tsel, PhilJK

License: Host License



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Experience a classic fantastical adventure in a swords-and-sorcery world of perilous dungeons. Your tale might even begin in a tavern!

Hosted and narrated by: Vinc (Neonize)

Started 08/14/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 4
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 8

Players so far: Lirono

License: Community License

image source: leshaines on Flickr

Cosmic Quest

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2557- Mid 26th Century

Humanity has since the 22nd century traversed the stars and within a century formed the Consortium of Worlds protected a grand fleet known as the High Guard. Over centuries the Consortium expanded across thousands of worlds, dozens of civilizations and eventually found it rival the aggressive Galactic Imperium led by the Saurian Tyrrans. To combat the Tyrrans the High Guard expanded and became more militant and by extension more corrupt and authoritarian.

You were arrested and are on your way to trial and potentially execution from Interment Camp 371 to the Supercarrier Lightspear when opportunity strikes. An unexpected solar storm struck D’vro, the biomechanoid gunship transporting you releasing the control console and freeing the living ship. Now its Pilot has offered to free you prisoners to liberate the ship.

Hosted and narrated by: Chris Flagel (DominionChris)

Started 08/09/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 8
Current number of characters: 3
Submissions pending: 3

Players so far: YukiAme, Mongrelius, PandaDaFinessa

License: Community License

Divine Wind

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It was the last battle or World War II…and one of the costliest. Only Stalingrad saw higher casualties.

OPERATION ICEBERG, the invasion of Okinawa and the surrounding Ryukyu islands, was arguably the most complex operation undertaken in the Pacific Theater during World War II. It was the first invasion of what was considered by the Japanese to be their home islands, and the fury with which they defended their home has become the stuff of legend.

Although the ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy were all but gone by the spring of 1945, their fighting spirit was far from exhausted. Desperate to stop the American juggernaut at any cost, serious studies were made into the use of manned aircraft intentionally crashing into U.S. Navy ships, a tactic which prove far more accurate (and far more destructive) to their targets then simply attempting to hit them with air-dropped bombs or torpedoes. Thus was formed the Special Attack Corps. They were called “the divine wind,” which in Japanese is the word kamikaze.

Divine Wind attempts a fictional retelling of the events of April-May 1945, when the Special Attack Corps turned its full fury upon the ships of Task Force 58, and the American fleet supporting the invasion of Okinawa. Players will take on the role of historical commanders of American and Japanese air and naval units as they play out what was to be the last great air/naval battle of World War II.

Divine Wind is a turn-based, player-vs.-player (PvP) game using the Storium system as its basis. Each team of players will attempt to out-think, out-maneuver, and out-fight their opponent as they play a variety of strength, weakness, and asset cards representing individual ships, squadrons, and the exceptional men under their command.

To get a feel of what a Kamikaze attack was like during the Battle of Okinawa, here is a clip from NBC’s documentary series Victory At Sea, made just a few years after the war’s conclusion. Suicide For Glory captures the terror, the frenzy, the motion of a air-sea battle. Great for building you perspective, and a good aid as you formulate your moves.

A detailed description of the game concept, game mechanics, and available player positions can be found in the Player’s Guide. It’s definitely “must reading” before requesting an invitation.

Hosted and narrated by: Tacronicus Cornelius (Tacronicus)

Started 07/11/17. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 3
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Boyd_Crowder, ScottH, DaOhArgain

License: Community License

A Murder on Laughing Wolf Lane

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Detroit, Michigan. Summer of 1947.

By day, the city pulses with life. The war has left the Big Three with wealth and power beyond imagination. Between the car manufacturers and the various factories that supply them, opportunity seems to lie around every corner. Everyone from blue collar worker, to white collar business man could get a piece of the American dream. Industry in Detroit had helped to make America a prosperous place. Everywhere and in every industry there was growth. Everyone had a car, everyone had a house, and a well paying job. Buildings were being built as fast as people could break ground. Cars kept on rolling off the assembly line, night and day, and no one ever questioned it. People were saying that this was the Golden Age for the city that would build the modern world. In a lot of ways they were right…

But by night, the city wore a different face altogether. Opportunity brought luxury, luxury brought decadence, and decadence…well decadence brought greed and all the evil that came with it. Drugs have started to flow into the city like never before. All the new wealth means easy rackets and betting rings, and the Mob have been fighting to control it all. The captains of industry have been at odds with their workers and the Teamsters. With men still returning from the War, the African Americans have begun to take over alot of labor jobs, as a result racials tensions are up. The Detroit PD is still trying to recover from the scandals and corruption of the last decade. Cheating, lying, bribing, beatings, drugs, prostitutes, guns, insurance scams, hate crimes, gangs, abuse, stealing. It all seemed to be coming to a head in the humid summer of ‘47….

…. What nobody ever could’ve guessed was that the death of some unassuming old geezer would be the spark that set it all off. Andrew K. Fletcher is found dead. A prominent union leader and saint to the working class, his death is nothing short of scandal. As the muder is investigated dark secrets are brought to light and nothing is as it seems.

A Murder on Laughing Wolf Lane is a noir-style short story set in Detroit during the city’s peak. This will be a dark story in the same vein as classical noir writing. The plot revolves around the seemingly innocent death of beloved local figure, which unravels a thread of crime and secrets that goes deeper than anyone could have realized. Please feel free to apply or read along in this classic, pulpy, character driven game!

Hosted and narrated by: Conor Ottman (Conzo)

Started 08/14/17. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 6
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Rafa, Linnan, misterbiz, PatroclusAD1, Adelaie, Gab3011

License: Host License


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A plane was flying over an unknown desert when all of a sudden, all systems failed. Both engines exploded, the plane dropped to the ground. Screams filled the air, the impact was chaos. Most of the passengers died apart from three, seemingly unharmed. They must have somehow been cushioned before the crash, another survivor somehow made it out of the chaos as well, this survivor was different from the other though… his name was Icarus.

Hosted and narrated by: Oscar Matthews (Oscar)

Started 08/16/17. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 3
Current number of characters: 3
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: ShushanENA, OpheliaDusk, JackLex

License: Community License