Kyoko Chan


Hi I like to write and wanted to try this for fun.

Genres : Fantasy, Adventure, School Life ..

I think I am more of a “writer” than a “gamer”… atleast from what I have seen so far. I don’t think I have a specific style of writing or building characters but one thing is for sure - most of my characters are not an extension of my own personality…. but there are moments 😂.

I suppose my preferred style is focusing more on character interactions, conversations, thoughts etc and progressing on character development rather than pushing a plot/ narrative forward… which is why I think I am not so good at the “gaming” element of Storium 😋

I don’t have any triggers per se; It depends on the game and the writing really. I am open to mature themes as well as graphic descriptions of violence etc to a certain level. Romance elements are great too as long as its consensual - I don’t think I’m that good at writing that genre in general but I try :)

I’m not a fan of horror. I also don’t tend to play in realistic setting games much or those with a high emphasis on serious topics. I also don’t tend to play very heavy fantasy stories with D&D style of intricate world-building etc because of my own lack of knowledge in the whole TTRPG domain 😅

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