Latte Coffee


Just an overgrown and overpriced coffee here…
If you want your ear talked off, ask me about DC and/or the Arrowverse. (Though I will listen to anyone talk about anything! ^^)
I dabble in fanfiction and original works when I’m not listening to Billy Joel and being buried in homework.

Writer of User of the Week and Survey Says, Co-Writer of Character of the Week in The (Unofficial) Storium Newsletter
(Issue 5 out now!

Happy writing and scrolling!

Oh… You’re still here?
Come closer and I’ll give you some ~special~ names…
@Layz - You won’t regret her company
@Bexja - Most patient human on Earth. No doubt about it.
@thewillowstorm - Go read their moves! Like, right now!

@Drucellia - The sweetest of sweethearts
@Sofos_Nera - Be forewarned: It will be the best of times, but they will not hesitate to make it the worst of times
@Kyoko - Is possibly not human, wear sunglasses before reading anything from them or melt in their radiance

@Avalonika - An entertaining, warm-hearted soul that will valiantly try to convince you otherwise
@BlazeTheMonkey - A hidden gem. Every move is sprinkled with ethereal awesomeness.

@FireFoxTale - Fun, skilled, understanding; what else do you need??? Go follow them!
@JasperJohansen - Symptoms include: Dedication, talent, and impossible levels of enthusiasm

Go follow them and let your activity tab be ✨blessed✨

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