Chip Malinowski


The day job is developing a new rocket engine.

The home business making art and 3D prints is not progressing too well… yet.

The ducks are happy and mostly healthy.

The honeybee hives, Louise and Thelma, are building up strength.

Chip got a lot of screenplays written during World Anvil’s challenge. Soon he hopes to animate his stories and publish them online.

Some of Chip’s roleplaying highlights include:

Braam de Klerk, the straatveger handyman in Scrapjack: A Knack for Trouble

Spencer Elliott, the 1930’s Broadway musical producer, in Kingsport by Night

Billy, the humble goat boy, in Shifting Ground

Major KILLJOY, the elitist undead fiend who has terrorized a section of the world for generations. Due to a curse laid upon him by the Last Wish of a Dying Man, his plots to overthrow the world usually end up instead creating something like a rotisserie-chicken franchise beloved by the masses.

Trouble, the naïve little faun with a heart of gold, a stomach of cast-iron, and terrible luck which always gets him into misadventures.

Fright! The shapeshifter who split into two parts which required the world’s most powerful psychic to perform marriage counselling to avoid a literally very messy divorce.

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