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“Silent War paints the picture of a supernatural conflict between the Guardians and the forces of Chaos. The reader is introduced to this hidden war through the recruitment and training of its newest warriors, a disparate group of high schoolers invited to enroll at Meridian Academy for the Gifted. With an interesting premise, complicated characters, and unique concepts, this story highlights some great Storium players and is one to keep an eye on.”

zeromusic   7/ 2/17

“SPQR details the dangerous game of politics in the Late Roman Republic, set around a handful of Roman citizens of every status, from plebeian to patrician and more. The narrator uses a unique system – Storium’s character cards in conjunction with dice rolls – to inject real strategy into this story. Reading along with the distinct characters is a real treat, and I walked away having learned about actual facets of Roman society. Fun for history buffs and accessible to those who aren’t.”

Fliers   6/15/17

“This captivating urban fantasy reads like I pulled it off the shelf in the bookstore. The pervasive aura of mystery is livened by jabs of tongue-in-cheek humor (make sure you’re reading the challenge text, too), and the characters are vividly drawn. Kit and Ash are in many ways the perfect protagonists for a story like this one -- who better to discover and protect the “thin place” where worlds meet than those who already live in the margins?”

Falcon   5/27/17

“This game honors the writings of Joel Rosenberg and Andre Norton by following the adventures of a group of college students transported into a fantasy setting by their mysterious Professor/Dungeon Master. The writing and characterization in the game are of the highest quality. Everyday, I eagerly head over to catch up on all the latest exploits of the group. This story truly highlights all the best Storium has to offer, a fun concept, relatable characters and a plot that makes you want to just keep reading.”

Gilfander   5/13/17

“If you’d like a modern retelling of Red Riding Hood that isn’t too beholden to the original story, read this. It is a stellar character piece between the narrator and single player. With not a lot of challenges presented, that leads to a more nuanced back and forth conversation. Urban fantasy, fairytale pastiche, romance, and surprisingly shocking horror all add up to a game that is hard to put down once you start reading.”

GertrudetheRobot   4/28/17

“Begun in 1890 by Miss Brinley, there is an institute where children who have had some kind of connection to the supernatural are sent when their families are unable to care for them. After WWI, a group of young men returned from the front with stories and scars of a different kind. The story begins with the meeting of the soldiers and children and spins off into a mysterious collection of events from a floating girl to a seance, will the two groups be able to come together and help each other?”

docwho2100   4/17/17

“Recently revived from hiatus, Across the Ages is a game which truly earns the label of ‘epic’. Spanning thousands of years, the story takes readers on a journey with the Abdal people, from meager beginnings as a nomadic tribe of hunter-gatherers, to their current position as colonizers of foreign lands. Each scene leaps forward another century, showing the growth and development of humanity in all of its beauty and pain.”

Taskir   3/31/17

“A light-hearted, ‘Groundhog Day’-esque tale of the most unfortunate characters reliving the most unhappiest wedding. Crafted by both witty narration and colorfully flawed characters, ‘For Better or Worse’ perfectly depicts the spiraling of one’s sanity. Till Fate do they part, the misfortunate must suffer again. And again.”

Aviere   3/14/17

“Excellent characterization, deft pacing and player agency elevate this short post-apoc yarn to the high-water mark. ‘Cape Cyclone’ hits the right notes in the genre: survival, community and a dash of the epic in getting swept up in things far greater than oneself. Strongly recommended for fans of ‘flooded world’ settings and character-driven post-apoc.”

Syrmaticus   2/24/17

“Narrated by the mighty Tacronicus, this is a lighthearted, tongue in cheek romp through the jungle in search of the legendary ape-man. The narrator and characters are aces, the writing sparkles, the puns abound (Marxist Gorillas, anyone?). It even has its own rap. But what makes this stand out even more is the clever use of video clips embedded in challenges and player cards. The amount of work put into this by Tac is astounding, and the whole story deserves to be noticed.”

Greymalkin   1/22/17

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