Roleplayer, programmer, gamer (tabletop an computer). I like philosophy, science, theatre and a whole range of geeky things. I have been roleplaying (mostly tabletop) for longer than I care to mention. Consequently, I consider myself to be very much gamer rather than a writer and very much at the end of the scale where I ‘inhabit’ a character rather than direct them.

I tend to prefer games where characters have a fair leeway to be themselves and develop. Towards the more sandbox end of things.

I pretty much exclusively play LGBTQ+ female/enby characters.

To get a bit of a handle on me:

A smattering of books I have enjoyed: Sandman (the Gaiman graphic novels), The Laundry Files, Neuromancer, Tigana, His Dark Materials.

A smattering of films I like: Bladerunner, Moon, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kubo and the Two Strings.

TV I’ve enjoyed recently: Star Trek Discovery, Community, Sense8, Black Mirror, West World.

Computer games I’ve rather liked: Life is Strange, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Longest Journey (any one of that series), Planescape: Torment, EVE-Online.

RPGs that appeal to me: Everway, FATE Core, Wild Talents, Aberrant, Sorceror.

Just as a warning - it seems I have a trigger for mutilation and it really freaks me out.

If you feel you need to know more before or whilst gaming with me - do ask. I don’t in the least mind talking about it.

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