Jack West


I’m a substitute teacher, so between that and my demanding family… my schedule is often very unpredictable for most of the year.

So if am absent from Storium for a few hours… or sometimes days… its probably something to do with work and family eating up all of my time and energy at once.

Otherwise, I really do try to stay as active as possible on this site.

As both a player and narrator, my priorities are making sure everyone is having a good time, no one’s yelling at each other, and overall keeping an interesting story going with good dialogue, storytelling, and theming.

As a player, I can sometimes come across as grabbing power for my characters… but that isn’t really the case. As I said, my priorities are interesting storytelling and exploring a theme that caught my attention at the time. And due to certain conditions I have… I tend to hyper-focus on that and sometimes forget entirely about other considerations, such as power level balance between player characters, and things like that. If this seems to be happening, please let me know and I’ll be happy to make the necessary edits and changes to my approach in your game. Thank you!

As a narrator, I tend to start off with a somewhat general approach in my challenges and gradually get more specific. I also focus more on the storytelling and having fun with it than pacing… and I fully admit that I have made mistakes in the past, and I’m sorry if I’ve confused and/or angered you in the past. Chances are, it wasn’t at all intentional. I also have to admit that while I am an amateur writer, and I love the idea of tabletop rpgs… I’ve never gotten much of a chance to play them, let alone run such a game… so that is probably why you might notice some oddities in the way I run games sometimes that might not make sense to a more experienced role-player/GM.

Also, I tend to put some rather dark elements into my work in general… and some rather light elements as well… because I see that as being more realistic… art imitates life, and life is more bittersweet than strictly comedic or tragic… or grimdark or saccharine-light… I tend to try to make a balancing act of sorts.

And uh… if there’s one pattern to the characters I write up and the games I join… its that I like to go for something as different from myself as possible a lot of the time… because I like to challenge myself.

One last note… as a narrator, I also believe in giving people second chances. To that end… well… there was a very problematic player in one of my games… started an argument that blew up very quickly… drove another player out of the game, and soured the overall mood of that game for a while. But I gave that same player another chance in another game anyway… and they proved they had learned their lesson the last time.

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