Kimberly Hartman


Hi! dancingcrane here. I’m a character-centric serious free form writer with more than 13 years of roleplay experience on advanced lit boards.

Favorite genres are science fiction/fantasy/anime/ paranormal/ powered people, but I have enjoyed outings into horror. I have OCs in OUs (original universes), X-men, Mass Effect, Bleach, RWBY, Star Wars, Gundam, etc.

I play/write canons rarely, but I have enjoyed my times as Kurt Wagner of the X-men, and Kurama/Yoko Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho.

I enjoy receiving and delivering “curveballs” in roleplay as a way to spark the muse. I tend to play the kind of characters that I don’t usually see anyone else playing. I study and enjoy, among other things, people’s reactions to disabilities (physical and mental) and deformities, and the weaknesses inherent in “powers” that some people play as omniscient. I’ve been allowed to play Telepathy on boards where it’s disallowed, because I exploit all the weaknesses. Telepathy can be much more curse than gift, and for me, weaknesses are more fun to play than strengths - partly because they are often unexpected.

I also enjoy playing support characters like healers, because I enjoy support and secondary characters that ordinarily don’t get “airtime”, but add depth. I also enjoy seeing how I can encourage others to dig deeper and reach higher in their own character’s stories.

Romantic pairings are not a focus. I prefer working partnerships that can develop into deep friendships and possibly later something more; or mentor/student or family relationships. I tend to avoid sexual situations, except for married characters, and don’t like to be graphic in any case, because I prefer to write for a general audience.

I also tend to not like characters to die. There are much worse things that can happen, and I like to explore that.

A little personal info: I’m 66, the mom of 5; a professional artist, a professional game dev and 2 in-training and a composer; who are also writers, role players, LARPers, convention runners, and general computer geeks. Science fiction fan since ‘60s, anime fan since 70’s. Went to San Diego Comic Con back when it was tiny. I’m also Eastern Catholic. Looking forward to writing with you!

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