Omlette Danish


Hello all!

I mainly deal in fantasy/fiction but don’t mind venturing out into other genres. I like to play strong characters with a knack for getting into things they shouldn’t.

I have been writing for several years and love anything that has to do with creative writing. I am currently editing a novel and will hopefully have it published here soon!

I love meeting new people and role-playing. I’ve played and ran several games of DnD as well as many other RPGs.

Alongside writing, I also do a lot of acting. You could say I have a flair for the dramatics. Anything that is creative or has a way to get into a character’s mind and I’m there.

Anywho, hope to meet you guys out there!

p.s I am working on publishing my own story on Wattpad! Check it out if you are interested in sci-fi/action-adventure! :D The Link is on my Homepage.

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