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Working on being consistent with writing. Really should see my projects through but life is very distracting. I have a few story games in progress and am hoping to become more involved in things again. I’m mostly just a guy trying his best to be a successful writer in a world geared towards movies, tv, and video games. Going to provide a list of projects just to keep them on my mind and also let people bug me about them.

Arkello (working name, novel)- A character study in a steampunk world.

A Matter of Trust (CYS)- A large storygame slasher-type story.

Sludge (Storium)- A post-apocalyptic world where all water on earth is contaminated with a substance called Sludge.

Pinefall Inn (Storium)- A murder-mystery ensemble story.

Smile for the Camera (Storium/Collaborative Project)- A character-study slasher.

Ghosts in Chains (Storium)- A character-study on a plantation right before the civil war.

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