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I have accomplished nothing noteworthy and intend to keep it that way.


I see my Narrator duties as follows:

Move the Story Forward: Every game I start has an end in mind (though it may not turn out to be the end, as that’s up the players). Every continuation and scene should be driving towards some conclusion.

Maximize Player Agency: The player characters will rarely be the most powerful people in the story, but they will always be the most important. Players are given free reign to make bold moves and take control of most NPCs, so long as it doesn’t undermine the setting or infringe on the agency of other player characters.

Share the Spotlight: Every player character should be given a chance to shine. If your character’s unique talent is lock-picking, there will be at least one crucial lock within the story. If you’re feeling left behind, tell me and I am more than happy to brainstorm chances for your character to shine.

I generally like to complete one scene a week. If this sounds like an absurdly fast pace then we probably aren’t a good fit. I prefer not to narrate with the same person in more than two projects at the same time. This is to avoid unintentional slowdown when one person gets busy or has unexpected real life issues. This isn’t meant to be personal and I’m more than happy to play again on other projects as things come to a conclusion.

Upcoming Projects:

Historical Punk Caper
Historical Appalachian Intrigue / Adventure
Fantasy Comedy
Redneck Werewolves
Gothic Horror / Romance
Parody LitRPG

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