Your average everyday geek. Amateur lesbrarian. Cautiously pessimistic, control-enthusiast, cat lover, wearer of slash goggles. Consumes too much media and lives in her own head.

Demifem. They/she pronouns please.

Married to the brilliant Jajones32, who puts up with a lot.

“Lesberific!” raves DanMcGru.

I look at Storium like I would an improv game: the key phrase is “Yes, and…”. I don’t have much tolerance for players who want to make everything their story. It should be our story.

I prefer games with a heavy amount of character interaction, with plenty of scenes for things to breathe and grow in their own way. I thrive on the chance to mutually build off what other characters are doing, and have personalities bounce off one another. If you subscribe to Matjaza’s Theory of Narrator Types, I’m most comfortable working with Editors/Attendants, and the rare times I narrate, that’s the sort of atmosphere I strive for.

When it comes to my preferred style of play,
DanMcGru articulated it best: “Things just happen and people happen to be there.”

It’s chaos; be kind.

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