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Mildheart University

Mildheart University

Since its founding in 1832, Mildheart University has provided its unique student body the insight, inspiration, and experience to become successful and ethical members of society. Classes are taught by passionate, engaged faculty who share the desire to give Mildheart’s students the best possible education, regardless of factors of race, gender, creed, life, or un-life.

—-From Mildheart University’s website, locked to all but faculty, students, and alumnae.

Mildheart is one of the most beautiful campuses on the country - for those who know it exists. For most people, the university’s location is a sprawling city park just outside Minneapolis. A lovely park, to be sure, but nothing more than that.

To the chosen few, however, it is an oasis of acceptance and freedom for students most of the world isn’t aware exist.

Mildheart has no campus tours, no promotional videos, no nationally-known sports teams.

But it does have the oldest female vampire in America as part of its Women’s Studies faculty.

Hosted by: Kris (Taskir)

Rotating narration

Started 02/19/16. Scenes played: 31

License: Community License