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Borrowed Light

Borrowed Light

This game is an offshoot of the original Storium game The Gentlemen’s Club (now sadly suspended), created by Ghirdietus, which can be found here:

The purpose of this game is to shamelessly indulge the desire of DanMcGru and Taskir to create plot-lite, character-heavy interactions between their characters without interrupting the main story of The Gentlemen’s Club.

At least, that was the original intention. The game has since grown to include family and friends of the two main characters, as well as supernatural interludes.

Reading The Gentlemen’s Club first is encouraged to get an idea of the characters, but may not be entirely necessary.

The Gentlemen’s Club and all ideas contained and referenced in it belong to Ghirdietus and the respective players of the game. Any other characters mentioned belong to their players. Any historical things, places or people mentioned belong to themselves.

Be Warned: This game is marked NSFW for a reason. Both M/M and M/F pairings make an appearance. If you’re not over the age of majority in your area to read such things, or if they simply bother you, turn back now.

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Original profile for Jackson McClain:

Original profile for Denny Rhodes:

Hosted and narrated by: Krista (Taskir)

Started 07/19/14. Scenes played: 112

License: Community License