A SoCal boy. I grew up with old timey radio dramas and lots of books. I am a huge fan of scifi, history and urban fantasy. I am a prodigious consumer of audiobooks and podcasts because there’s something about someone reading to you that is just great. And really, if you’ve heard James Marsters read the Dresden Files Or Nadia May read any of the Tuchman books, you know what I mean.

Stuff I do when I’m not staring at my keyboard include:
cycling , shooting, reading, listening to audiobooks and recorded lectures, sailing and nerf sword fights (I haven’t combined the last two yet…yet)

Tools and aids I use when writing and I recommend to you…
Online soundboard and background music collection. It’s wonderful for helping you get in the mood to write. Kick the create a buck or two if you like it!
A great little proofreading tool recommended by someone here at Storium.

Evernote: Because it helps me organize all my madness.

Podcasts I recommend if you are looking for entertainment and inspiration:

-Myths & Legends Podcast (…from all over the world)
-SpyCast (hosted by International Espionage Museum)
-Stuff You Missed in History Class
-Unbuttoned History
-Ken and Robin Talk about Stuff
-Hardcore History
-Lore (great for horror and urban fantasy fodder)
-Blurry Photos

My gaming prefences…

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