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Gods of Venua: Settlement

In their city at the heart of the world, the gods gather in anticipation. A group of human settlers have recently launched a third attempt to colonize the hostile, beautiful rainforest of Venua.

Should they succeed in finding and lighting the island’s heartfire, some number of the gods will find themselves attuned to a new, Venuan people. Will the humans succeed in their efforts this time, and if they do – who will those lucky gods be?

The answers are: yes, those humans will succeed, during the first scene of the game. And those lucky gods will be you.

This is a short gods game for 6 to 12 players. We’ll tell the story of the founding of the new city-state of Venua, with the players taking on the role of their gods.

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Hosted and narrated by: Kana

Completed 11/20/18. Scenes played: 5

License: Community License w/ Creative Commons