Taco Del


Hey sorry if i’ve been slow in my moves recently.
1.I’m in too many games for my own good
2.School has started up for me again, and there is a lot of stuff to do

please bear with me for a little while and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey everyone it’s your fave…. taco ig.

I am an androgyne and go by he/she/they pronouns

I will not shut up about my children (storium characters). Feel free to ask me for lore.

Why do most of my male characters like men? Idk. pls help.

I am very open to collabs

Note:80% of my moves are done on my phone, and my grammar is terrible, so be warned

Also feel free to pm for no reason at all lol

Active time:YES, unless it’s like night here lol. Though my daytime is the Americans’ afternoon-middle of the night

i enjoy putting memes and music references in my moves

Amazing people 🤩:
i’ve decided to remove this section, because i’m just going to add the entire site lol.

anyone who puts up with me on here is epic!

Current music obsession: Coin Locker Baby by MARETU

Homepage https://linktr.ee/xX_Del_Xx
Time zone (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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