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Sentinels of the Veil

The Veil between magic and the mundane has stood since time immemorial. But like anything it is not infallible and requires constant attention and maintenance. That is where the Sentinels come in. Sentinels protect the fragile balance and deal with those who would harm it.

Each year a new batch of recruits is taken in and trained before their graduation to full Sentinels at midwinter. Throughout the year they are mentored and encouraged to find their strengths through both theoretical and practical lessons and exams. As well as limited opportunities to contribute and participate in official Sentinel duties.

What brings you into the service of this honourable institution? Did you grow up with magic and see this as your civic duty? Were you a mundane who noticed too much and fell down the rabbit hole? Are you using this as a steppingstone to greater power? Whatever your reasons, study hard and keep your eyes open… If you make it to midwinter graduation then anything is possible.

Hosted and narrated by: Squiggle

Started 08/04/22. Scenes played: 1

License: Community License