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The Apologist's Daughter

The humans lack gods. They crawled forth from the mud, and to the mud they will return.

Elves grew from the grass, and one day they will become trees. They also lack gods.

Not all agree. There is a nursery tale among the elves who guard The Crevice, told only in hushed tones and never shared with outsiders. To the line of Junyun, this tale is truth.

The first human conquests destroyed whole elven lineages. The elves were unprepared for the extractive and cruel nature of human warfare. From mud they came, and death they brought. The priests prayed to the Gods, and blessedly, the Gods answered.

Emperor Junyun and her eldest son were raised to the clouds. While so blessed, the Gods gave them three Fabergé eggs of peace. It was then the young prince - whose name has been removed from the record - chose to challenge his mother’s power. He grabbed for the elaborately crafted spheres, and they flew into the air. And fell.


A league downward.

Greed and the desire for power doomed the elves. When the third stone bounced upon the earth’s mantel, it cracked and created an ugly gash large enough for armies to pass. That gash ruined the barrier between the young, warlike humans and The Gods’ beloved elves.

Junyun was removed from power and ordered to guard The Crevice, which her descendants still do. The direct bloodline believes that if a proper apology is given to The Gods, the egg will reform, thus mending the mountain, creating an impassable barrier, and finally allowing the elves peace. The line of Junyun can not apologize to the Gods - and remove the blemish upon their family - until they gain control of The Crevice and all land within a league. Most centuries, they barely hold half.

Now, they hold less. Much less.

Twenty years ago, a new human Kingdom arose, led by a psionic who claimed no title nor history. Everything is conjecture. The Kingdom of Mikhail is orderly, neat, and effective. It conquered much of the human lands, including those that bordered the inaptly named Impassable Mountains. This summer, Mikhail’s forces crashed through The Crevice and spilled upon The Fortress that blocked the entrance of the elven land. Blood flowed. The line of Junyun sued for peace, and Mikhail granted mercy. The route to the elven lands remains unbreached, but at terrible costs.

It was late autumn when the unfortunate peace treaty was signed, battered soldiers withdrawn, and the victorious Mikhail returned to his preferred castle. Now, it is Spring, and the route through The Crevice is clear. Lord Junyun has summoned those who owe him favors, as there are unpleasant tasks to complete.

Hosted and narrated by: Chris Jason Michaels (Bellicist)

Started 09/13/21. Scenes played: 7

License: Community License