Chekhov’s gun

A dramatic principle that states that every element in a story must be necessary, irrelevant elements should be removed; elements should not appear to make false promises.

Writing style:

  • I draw more inspiration from movies and tv screenwriting and games rather than novels or books making my writing feel a little rushed with less time spent in development as a book would. Mostly weekend active player/writer. Weekdays active reader.

  • I tend to have a focus on story structure breaking moves, plot-heavy writing elements with exposition and worldbuilding acting as a second narrator, rather than as an individual character focused on relationship building.

Other writing concepts/elements:

*Fundamental plot twists
(11 mins) How to Build a Meaningful Plot Twist

*Internally conflicted protagonists vs Morally ambiguous antagonists
(13min) What is a Protagonist?
(18min) What is an Antagonist?

*Rule of Three
A writing principle for humor, satisfaction and effectiveness which is remembered through conciseness and rhythm, having the smallest amount of info to create a pattern.

*Four Corner Opposition
(8mins) What Writers Should Learn From Batman Begins

*Subvert The Genre
(17 Mins) Movie Genres Explained — Types of Films & the Art of Subverting Film Genres

*Social commentary
A rhetorical means to provide commentary on social, cultural, political, or economic issues in a society; implementing or promoting change by informing about a given problem and appealing to a sense of justice.

*In Media Res
(2 mins) Quick Writing Prompt: In Media Res

List of Notable Writers: Christopher Nolan, John Truby, Dan Brown, Jeffery Deaver

Suspended stories that I enjoyed:

Favourite writing genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Storium’s Formatting Guide

Misc writing cheat sheets:

My flaws:

Will update profile if I find more concise video references or learn any new writing techniques

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