hi there, good to be here! i’m really excited to start writing again, so i hope to share some really excellent ones with you all!

you can call me willow, pronouns are he/they. i find myself really drawn towards mysteries, magic realism, and fun oceanic adventures. i also really like puzzle games and logic riddles, as well as character conflict and drama.

when i write, i tend to focus on characters, especially character relationships and interactions. i usually don’t play to “win” - i like to play for the drama. if there’s a choice that will lead to more interesting storytelling, that’s the path i’ll go down, even if it means a “fail” in terms of game mechanics.

i also really like using picrew and pexel for art assets! i always try to add a credit and some descriptions if i can!

so that’s me! i’ll be pretty active, so i’ll be looking for faster-paced games. i’ll also be hosting a couple of games of my own, so keep an eye out for those!

i look forward to writing with you!

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