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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

2008 - THEN

With just 3 months left to go in senior year, Glenman High School’s class of 2008 had a lot on their minds. April was dawning foggy and grey in their small Northeastern town. College acceptance letters would be coming soon - for those who were going, anyway. May would bring the Battle of the Bitches (aka Prom). And June would stretch on seemingly forever until the blissful date that meant the end to it all. Graduation!

Just three months left. It couldn’t be too bad? Right?

2022 - NOW

Hey did you get invited to LJ's wedding? - her

??? - me


OMG u mean ~JasonxXxDisaster~ the emo guy from English class???? - me

Yeah! The wedding is in June. I think she is inviting half of the senior class. Of course that bitch thinks her wedding is the same level as a high school reunion. - her

She's still salty she wasn't prom queen lol. U going? - me

Probably. It's an open bar since her dAaAaAad iS tHe mAyOr. And I wanna see the drama! - her

Bet. C U there. Ha, I bet she hates her last name is going to be fucking SPRINKLE lolololol - Me

You are cordially invited to a game about secrets, lies, and delicious drama.

We will move scene-to-scene between 2008 to 2022, starting with the characters as high school Seniors stretching towards the end of their final year. Pick a clique or make up a new one. Make ties with your fellow players, for better or worse. Message me with ideas for secrets. Need an NPC to populate our little high school world? No problem, let’s make one. Together, we will sow the seeds for the biggest trashfire of wedding drama the internet has ever seen.

But don’t forget about the now! Every other scene, we will jump into the present for the Sprinkle/Bexman Wedding, where the Emo Boy somehow got the Rich Girl and everything thinks it’s a Bad Idea™. Please do not tell your fellow players anything about your character concept for present day. It should be a surprise - did your character grow up to be a smashing business success? Did they stagnate after high school? Or are they just the same just with more back aches and student loan debt? Please share your present day vision with me so we can seed it into the story.

Welcome to the Sprinkle/Bexman Wedding. What could possibly go wrong?

Hosted and narrated by: robinrivette

Completed 09/11/22. Scenes played: 7

License: Community License