Stuff people need to know about me:

  • I have Asperger’s Syndrome. In a nutshell, it means that my social understanding is impaired, and while most of the time I can make up for it, I will sometimes require direct instructions. That means I won’t be able to read ‘I don’t think you will have much fun playing this character’ as ‘This character doesn’t fit the tone but I am too polite to say it directly’. I will, most probably, not get hints, read between the lines, or read your mind.
  • As a GM/Narrator, I was ‘raised’ to encourage and accept people’s contribution. If you have a ‘headcanon’ you think would fit into the move, it is very likely that I will welcome it rather than complaining and being restrictive. Let’s all have fun
  • I do my best to respect people and their autonomy over their characters. If something I write about your character you find unacceptable, let me know immediately and I will change it.
  • I cannot participate in games which deal with forcibly removing/mutilating a person’s identity. It does not make a lot of sense (brainwashing most of the time isn’t a problem for example), and all I’ve managed to discover is that it is in effect when attacking the following: species, abilities, sex-and-gender-related matters. Should I ever enter into a game that would deal heavily with violence against those aspects (i.e. a superhero game with theme of losing/removing people’s powers), please let me know via PM so I cproblemare internalised -isms (i.e. internalised misogyny, internalised racism, internalised ableism etc). In a nutshell: if your character hates themselves because of something they’ve done, I have no problem. If your character is a member of a marginalised group who hates this part of their identity, I probably won’t be able to play alongside you.
  • I also cannot deal with anti-magic sentiments.

    Email: the124c41@gmail.com (I don’t check it frequently enough though)

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