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Deviara Saga: Descendants

Important, this story will feature a small cast with focus on daily activity, see the link below for a similar story and level of activity. The story could include NSFW and sensitive themes, it is my hopes that there will be room for romances and character development as the journey progress.


Book two of the Deviara Saga.

Concept tags

Custom world, Custom art, High Fantasy.

Since then

Several years had passed since the Void Kingdom’s attempt to take over Deviara had come to and end by the hands of the noble Blood Caius and Haldamir the Raven Devil thief. The world had faced a threat spawned from the Shadow Realm, an mysterious island covered by a entity calling itself the darkness, it had corrupted minds and used the prince of the Blood Kingdom to create an army of Voidstalkers.

The remains of the Dark castle that had risen from the ground remained and stood as a ruin and monument to the victory that had taken the aid of three major factions Blood Kingdom, Human Kingdom and the Rebellion. In its wake it seemed the world had taken a pause in its conflicts, forces being replenished and questions needing answering; yet new skirmishes was gradually resuming them to their regular phase of warring each other.

In the pause the human shieldmaiden Charlisa Brind’amour and Haldamir had taken vows and started a life together, their love forged in the conflict and contributing to a love child between them. Settling with them Myuria and her daughter Inphyy had decided she wanted her to grow up with her old companions. Inphyy was a Tabula Rasa and the events of the Void Kingdom had taught her that there would always be someone out there who wanted her blood for their own purpose; as such she wanted to hide her in the jungle with Haldamirs family, also to let her grow up in its harsh environment to forge her for the fights she would have ahead of her.

The father Prince Jericho stayed only with them shortly before he left in search for ways to change his fathers Kingdom, his sister Natalie Vernet who also took part of the great battle had disappeared as well.

Little was known on the fate of the other companions in the conflict, but Inphyy and Haldamir’s daughter Kokori grew up together with a sister-like bond between them. Sifa Obi had decided to stay and teach Inphyy about her abilities while exploring the world outside of the Shadow realm, as a powerful psionic herself and a Shadow Outcast she felt responsible to help Inphyy as she would be the beginning of a new type of natural Psionics.

Kokori was a mischievous trickster that looked up to her father and often boasted about their relation to others while she sought to surpass him at every impasse.

Inphyy grew up with love of her ‘uncle Hadamoo’ and soon became a protector of the younger Kokori in appreciation of everything he had done for her. During the great battle she had ended up in the Shadow Realm where normally it caused blindness and madness as the darkness sought to corrupt all it touched, for her as a Tabula Rasa it had only provoked psionic abilities alike the Shadow Outcast that had achieved their abilities through generation of mutation.

Tabula Rasa being the original race that had extraordinary adaptability mutations which had created all the races in Deviara today.

New trouble

Inphyy have lived her days growing up without a father, a father who had been corrupted and tried to use her, but a father nonetheless. He told her that he would return one day soon, but it had been too long and mounting worry had caused her to ask her mother if they could go look for him.

Myuria still traumatised from past events and worried about what would happen to Inphyy if they did had refused it and one day Inphyy had disappeared at night leaving a note.

Kokori had followed her, her curious nature and love for her pseudo sister ending in her tagging along despite Inphyy’s protest. Kokori had her own dream of making a legend for herself even greater than her father and a part of Charlisa had always known she was too much like her father to stay in the next forever.


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  • Includes History/Origin and Cards

Hosted and narrated by: Tyurru

Completed 07/19/16. Scenes played: 12

License: Community License