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Deviara Saga: The Darkness

This story could include NSFW and sensitive themes, it is my hopes that there will be room for romances and character development as the journey progress.

Gem of the Stars

Concept tags

Custom world, Custom art, High Fantasy.


A long time ago two beings lived in the galaxy alone, the two were children of the one creator and like all his children they had been given their own galaxy to live and rule. With most of the planet’s barren and lifeless, there was only one planet that had their interest. The planet was named the Gem, as within its core sprouted the same mystic energy that had been the catalyst for forging them and their creator at the beginning of time. The Planet Gem was covered with nothing but water, the source of the mystic energy originating from its very core and heating it up locally as well as heated by nearest sun.

The two siblings fought jealously over sole rulership of the planet, both of them wanting sole right of the gem. The first sibling took up the name Lord of the twin moons as he had quickly taken the two moons circling the planet as his base to fight against his sibling. The second sibling took the name Inamorata of the Seven stars, her home being the seven stars closest to the planet and thus the ones most visible from its surface at night.

Jealousy turned to rage, eventually a full on war had begun between the two and they fought each other without mercy for eons, both of them immortal beings and as such neither of them able to win the battle seemed it would last until the end of time; that is until some of their blood from the battles had hit the planet Gem. Each massive drop of blood from the large sibling gods formed land on the surface of the water and soon after getting in contact with the mystic energy of Gem, water and land alike started teaming with animals.

The god’s watched this new form of life with astonishment, they watched as the animals would differ according to where they originated and while some lived on the nature alone others started killing and eating each other to survive. Lifeforms capable of living and dying had been created, this new discovery gave the sibling god’s a idea.

Both of them would create a intelligent life form seed, a seed destined to create a plural of other intelligent beings which would belong to their rule, they would give this new a chance to live and evolve on their own and then return later to force their new servants to battle each other until only one bloodline remained and the victor god would then claim Gem as its own. Satisfied that they had found a way to conclude their struggle both of them created their Life Seeds and then set off into their galaxy to explore and attempt to create or mold other planets in the galaxy.

It would be millions of years before the two siblings would return to Gem, in those many years life grew, evolved and expanded. Each of the Life Seed’s forms offsprings having the innate ability to mutate rapidly in accordance with their surroundings and needs, each of the offsprings finally settling upon a final form before creating more offsprings now unable to mutate yet born with the abilities and form of their parents. In some places children of the two Life Seeds had even mixed together to grow interesting mixtures of the two, the Life Seed’s themselves eventually dying out among their first children with the mutation ability, leaving behind a legacy of different established races.
The new intelligent life went on to create societies to better their life and others, using the land around them to create town’s and livelihoods of their own. Some of the races had more members and used their superiority to enslave or war other races as kingdoms was established, while other had exceptional intelligence they used to make their fewer numbers count as they created advance technology to fend off others and better themselves.

In one of the larger lands known as Deviara, named so after what was believed to be the name of one of the Life Seeds, the most prominent societies became that of the city-dwellers who lived in grand cities with erected stone walls around them as their leaders ruled from beautiful castles; other societies was that of the woodland hermits, the forgotten races from the depth of the oceans and the outcasts living in more primitive societies.

The sibling god’s returned to find the new flourished life, a sight which pleased them greatly even though some of the races had mixed and become indistinct from their Life Seed, the god’s arrived and announced that now the final battle would begin. According to their plan the god’s wished for those of pure blood lines to battle out until only one of the Life Seed strains laid dorment, the planet would then be stripped of life as the victor god would claim the Gem.

A thing which neither of the god’s had anticipated however was that of free will, the intelligent life forms did not obey and most even choose to rebel, this angered the gods and in a fit of rage they created various monsters designed to hunt down the intelligent life as a punishment. The result became a dark time where many were killed, grand cities and settlements destroyed under the powerful monsters. The strongest Kingdoms aligned themselves with the smaller and more intelligent races to create a magic barrier designed to wall the monster out of the towns, but even so many lives was lost as it became increasingly harder for them to gather food with the monsters lurking outside the barriers.

A group of brave adventures consisting of different races sought out a way to stop the god’s before they rained down another wave of monsters upon them or choose to destroy them outright. The heroes managed to claim and form a part of the mysterious energy from the planet’s core and use it to create a powerful Gemstone. Using the powerful Gemstone the group captured both of the sibling gods within it, sealing them away as their only option against the immortal gods. The group then shattered the Gemstone into seven fragments and went off on their own, each tasked with keeping the fragments safe.

Without the god’s Deviara was capable of calming down the monster onslaught, while the monsters continued to exist as they too could breed, their existence eventually became more or less considered as simply as dangerous animals to avoid. The barriers used to fend off the monsters stayed in place, but the race that had helped build them had vanished in the night not to be heard off again; some rumours saying that they had sought out a way to live far away from the less intelligent races in fear of their savage ways.

The dark ages had ended, life once again resembled more of what it had been before the return of the god’s on the planet Gem and the land of Deviara…

The Start

Hosted and narrated by: Tyurru

Completed 06/07/16. Scenes played: 12

License: Community License