I’m a story gamer and I love building connections to other characters in all of my games. I’m especially enthusiastic about queer, feminist games.

I will love you forever and keep running games if you tell me nice things about my writing. <3

I also value communication about boundaries if we’re writing difficult material. I’m the kind of person who can express and receive warnings about boundaries without hard feelings, so don’t be nervous. Part of being comfortable writing difficult material is knowing that it’s safe for everyone to have and express limits and feelings.

Also, I love writing angst and romance and smut but if you want your character to be romantically or sexually interested in mine, please reach out OOC to get on the same page. If I don’t get a no-pressure communication about it before I have to deal with it in the game, I’ll be grumpy. Also I have almost never been interested in writing a relationship plot with a male character written by a male player, so keep that in mind before you get invested in that expectation of me.

My avatar is Atomic Wonder woman by jeffery10: http://jeffery10.deviantart.com/art/Atomic-Wonder-Woman-Wallpaper-500617543 licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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