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Femme Force

The Femme Force is a brand-new team of superpowered women and femme-of-center nonbinary heroes who are banding together to save Pacific City from itself.

This is a game about how we care for one another in struggle and about the catharsis of punching personified misogyny in the face.

Pacific City is a marvel, home to the most powerful technology companies, movie studios, and rising star politicians in the United States. It’s also home to its most powerful superheroes and supervillains.

One thing that tech, film, politics, and superheroics all have in common is abysmal gender balance and rampant misogyny.

Now, the toxic stew of Pacific City’s upper echelons threatens to bubble over, and only the Femme Force can stop it.

This is a queer, intersectional feminist, trans-positive game and preference will be given to female and nonbinary players.

I hope you will all contribute to building the world and maybe take a turn narrating down the line! Pacific City is basically LA plus San Francisco plus maybe Portland and Seattle, dialed up to 11, with superpowers.

I imagine much of Pacific City feels like the most gentrified parts of SF, a playground for rich white men, where the police get called on people of color for walking down the street their grandparents lived on. The amazing technologies and compelling movies made in Pacific City are designed by and for white men and damn the side effects on others or on society as a whole. Superheroes occupy themselves with “worthy” problems they can punch. The speedster villain who gropes women isn’t a priority (the victims were probably asking for it or lying), the Freedom Tower they’re building as a headquarters is displacing thousands of residents, G-Corp is polluting the “ghetto,” female superheroes are disrespected because they always get treated as sex objects and need rescuing in the movies, etc.

Hosted and narrated by: Erin Edwards (CrimsonSaint)

Started 07/09/17. Scenes played: 9

License: Community License w/ Creative Commons