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The (Unofficial) Storium Newsletter

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Welcome, Storiads, to The (Unofficial) Storium Newsletter! This is just a place where we write about the different aspects of Storium, and where we have a lot of fun doing it. You can participate too, by responding to our polls, asking questions, and giving us feedback on our different columns! We are written by Storium, for Storium. Have some fun reading the latest (Unofficial) Storium Newsletter!

The Team:
@FireFoxTale: Editor
@Drucellia: Narrator; “Newbies Corner” Writer; “Quote of the Week” Writer; “Riddle of the Week” Writer; “Advertisements” Writer
@Latte1: “User of the Week” and “Survey Says” Writer; “Character of the Week” Co-Writer
@Rattannah: “FAQs” Writer; “Literary Gems” Writer
@Zinzerena: “Musings Behind the Keyboard” Writer
@Sofos_Nera: “Character of the Week” Co-Writer
@GleamyBean: “Song of the Week” Writer
@Shrevei: “Offsite Resources” Writer
@Talionis: Contributor

Available Positions:
Video Game/Movie of the Week

Important Notice: The (Unofficial) Storium Newsletter is geared towards Storiads 13+, and will not be accepting content with 18+ themes. Thank you for understanding!

Hosted by: Latte Coffee (Latte1)

Narrated by: Drucellia (Drucellia)

Started 05/31/22. Scenes played: 11

Target number of characters: None specified
Current number of characters: 9
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: Rattannah, Sofos_Nera, Drucellia, Latte1, Zinzerena, GleamyBean, Talionis, Shrevei, DeadlyNightshade

License: Community License

A sea monster with a large circle mouth and see through snake like body.

The Serpent Hunt

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Game inspired by the movie The Sea Beast

Sometimes, monsters are just monsters. Sometimes hunting them is necessary. The ones who do hunt the monsters with nothing more than a harpoon, canon, sword, and gun are deemed the heroes. Risking life and limb, giving up love and comfort all for the sake of the general public. To keep them safe.

The Leviathan was simply a monster. Ready to strike at anyone and anything it could get its jaws around. Unlike most of the monsters around the world it was larger, more aggressive. It had taken down kingdoms, towns, and boats alike. It targeted anyone and anything.

The kingdom has sent out a reward for any who are brave enough to hunt and kill the monster. Are you brave enough to heed the call? To hunt the monster?

Beginner Friendly. I’ll work with you where you’re at on this game

Hosted and narrated by: Oberon (Jaspericorn)

Started 07/08/22. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 10
Current number of characters: 1
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: Imbverr

License: Community License

Our Flag Means Death

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Pirates once ruled the ocean as the most feared of all horrors to plague the world… but some are more cut out for it than others are. Of course, not all pirates are perfect as Blackbeard and Stede well knew, but the ocean moves on.

(This is a “season two” of Our Flag Means Death. Read rules before making a character. This will be a romance adventure.)

Hosted by: Oberon (Jaspericorn)

Narrated by: Jasper Sykkes (JasperJohansen)

Started 05/04/22. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 7
Current number of characters: 3
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: JasperJohansen, shortorable, Jing_Feng

License: Community License

Level Up!

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You have been invited to the first-ever gamer’s retreat! A once-in-a-lifetime competition with a cash prize of 10 Million Dollars!

There will be 10 levels each more complicated and dangerous than the last. This is not your normal game. There are no TV screens and controllers. You’ll need strength, agility, and knowledge of video games to make it through each level. How well do you remember Mario Brothers? Or Pac-Man? Donkey Kong? All these games and more but with a TWIST! Do you think you have what it takes to Level Up?

The story will begin with you receiving your invitation and then going to the registration meeting.

Players accepted into Level Up will have 3 lives. Losing all 3 lives will result in game over.

The eliminated players will be sent to a separate room where they will compete for a chance to rejoin the game.

Hosted and narrated by: Drucellia (Drucellia)

Started 08/04/22. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 10
Current number of characters: 3
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: sempreverde, CraftmasterMatt, RD75

License: Community License


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The monsters once lived among the humans. Each good and bad in their own respects. Each capable of great evil. The humans respected the monsters and the monsters respected them in turn. For hundreds of years the two learned together, grew together, and even loved together. The world was calm, peaceful… in a perfect balance. Unfortunately, as all tails of togetherness go, fear won out. The humans grew to fear the monsters, deeming them all dangerous even though few at the time were. The humans rose up in a fearsome battle and drove the monsters from among them and out into the wood.

Thousands of years past and the monsters became nothing more than a bad dream, a story told to scare children into behaving. Little did the humans know the monster lived on, breeding stronger, growing stronger, ready to rebel. Fueled by hatred or perhaps just mild curiosity the monsters began to emerge again, to bond together. The final stand began.

I know it’s a lot to read, but please read all of the Info for Invitees and Applicants before making your character. It gives a lot of context for the world and how I want your character made. I will make requests for changes if your character does not fit those rules twice and then you are out.

Hosted and narrated by: Oberon (Jaspericorn)

Started 07/21/22. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 10
Current number of characters: 2
Submissions pending: 2

Players so far: sempreverde, TopGun

License: Community License

Camp Promise

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A Promise made is a Promise kept.

Promises are sacred things. They can break or make a relationship, and they can sometimes feel suffocating, until you accomplish the thing you promised. However, most people throw away their vows and commitments as they don’t mean life or death. Here in a little camp by Lake Moonfly, promises are a matter of life or death.

Magic has been at the heart of this lake for centuries, and every camper that has been to Camp Promise makes a promise, no matter how hard they try not to. They must accomplish that promise by the end of the summer when the moon is at its highest point…or they will die.

Not many people know the dark secret of this camp until they enter, but by then it’s too late. This has been going on for 15 years, with teens dying left and right as they break their promises. The mysterious Camp Director hides their bodies. Until now.

This year, the new campers that come here plan to have a good summer filled with activities. So many things to do! Kayaking, swimming, crafting, even putting on the big play in the theater at the end of the summer. Once they find out about the promises they made and their looming deaths…they try to band together to take down this madness once and for all.

But can they truly do it? Can they unlock the mysteries of Lake Moonfly and the Camp Director before the summer is over? Or can promises truly never be broken?

Promises are like a full moon: if they are not kept at once, they diminish during the day.

Hosted and narrated by: Your Local Monkey (BlazeTheMonkey)

Started 08/10/22. Scenes played: 1

Target number of characters: 8
Current number of characters: 14
Submissions pending: 0

Players so far: BlazeTheMonkey, NutellaPop, xX_Del_Xx, thewillowstorm, Drucellia, Jaspericorn, Kyoko, Selysin, holy_cheese, origamimaster, GleamyBean, galacticlatte, Killua

License: Community License

A Modest Epic Journey

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The City of Saints is a divine city in the mortal world where clergy of the hundreds of gods that created the city go to study, learn, worship, and serve the many good gods that work there.
Things aren’t always perfect though, and the heroes of this story are no exceptions. Members of “The Divine Academy,” have finally done something to catch the unfavorable attention of the dean, who is sending them all on a dangerous quest in consequence of their failures at the schools.

Now on the hunt of a mysterious relic, the heroes must face demons both real and within themselves before they return to the City of Saints.


This is a bit of an alegorical journey sort of story, though with fictional religions and fictional gods. (real world religions will not be part of this story)

This is a religious journey fantasy story set in the ai-generated world of “City of Saints.”

Hosted and narrated by: Zachary Ruffing (Rattannah)

Started 08/02/22. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 6
Current number of characters: 0
Submissions pending: 5

Players so far: None yet — be the first!

License: Community License

Blank Slate

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Setting: ‘The post apocalyptic lands of America.’
After an alien race called the Swarm descended upon Earth, their presence caused the rulers of the __ to become enraged, attacking the Earth and causing ‘The apocalypse’ to try and exterminate the Swarm. They failed due to unknown reasons. Who knows if they will try again.

Blank Slate is a game ruled by its players. It follows the theme ‘Yes, and’. Before the game begins, the only decided factor is the characters. The setting, as well as everything else, is filled in as the game progresses.
Basically, this is chaos.
So far, based on character descriptions, we have a part of the setting.

Stuff shall go here

Submissions will always be open.

Hosted by: Ryurei (StormSaphire)

Rotating narration

Started 06/20/22. Scenes played: 0

Target number of characters: 20
Current number of characters: 4
Submissions pending: 1

Players so far: StormSaphire, shortorable, sempreverde, ShockLance

License: Community License