Jing Feng

  On vacation until ??/??/????

I crawled in a hole but I might come out eventually… or never… depends. Who would even be intrested or want to play with my dumb ass anyways.

Hi I us another place called scratch my username is
–ToothlessCoder– I love roll playing!
Si-fi, spy, and fantasy are my favorite but I like all genres!! I’m a great book writer so thought would be fun to join Storium!! I’m a social boi XD!! I have two goats named Raina Ahava Liv (Hebrew meaning queen love heart in English) and Tinkerbell! also feel free to shoot me a message whether it’s hi or a question! (Please don’t swear at me in private message).

Some facts about me:
I speak Engish and mandarin fluently.
I am Chinese, Japanese, Korean, israili, native American mix.
I was a kpop idol (band leader).
I’m a rapper but I sing as well.
I’m a good dancer.
Martail artist.
My names are Aaron Choi (American name) Choi Jing Feng (Chinese name) Choi Ho Seok (Korean name). and Choi Kaito (Japanese name).
dating a girl named Ai Wan. (mess with her u die) :D

@Urmila06, @nightswirl, @TheGreenArrowFan, @WHITEFANG, @UwU_QwQ, and @Yuki!
@Ai_wan (her alt is @Crazy_Evan)
Some of my books:
I made this one in my old school so I’m rewriting it the same bc I want to XD!







A co authored book (I use my name Kaito in the end of every chapter by me)


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