Timothy Boyd


Growing up in a small town in southern Ohio, I’ve always been interested in telling stories and creating interesting characters. From a young age, I’d sneak away with my father’s camcorder and record little (terrible) movies with my action figures.

In high school, I performed in many school plays, which further instilled in me my love of getting swept away in stories and creating an emotional reaction in others. My first college degree was in Theater Performance with an emphasis in directing.

Then I made a giant leap and left home, moving to Chicago to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Video with an emphasis in Editing, along with a minor in Fiction Writing.

And then came the real leap – the cross-country move to Los Angeles. Now, I’m a small fish in a giant pond, trying to pave a path to financial stability with my MFA degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment (with an emphasis in Film and Television).

In between polishing up my various novels that will (hopefully) soon be published and rewriting drafts of screenplays that will (hopefully) soon be sold and produced, I like to write here on Storium.

Homepage http://www.timothy-boyd.com
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