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Desperately Seeking Tarzan

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Game Premise and Scenario.
Tarzan’s heyday was in the early to middle Twentieth Century, when Africa was still a mysterious and dangerous place. With the wave of African independence beginning in the 1950’s, Tarzan realized that Apemen wouldn’t be in high demand anymore. And thus it was that he decided to retire deep into the interior with his family. By virtue of a youth-preserving spring located in the Lost African City to which he retired (Africa, as everyone knows, is littered with the ruins of abandoned yet fabulous Lost Cities), Tarzan and his family aged very little over the past six decades.

Urged on by shareholders of massive multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates, a team of explorers is hoping to discover rare and unknown plant species which are just bound to hold the cure for a number of human maladies. They know that their expedition will fail unless they can somehow locate the legendary Lord of the Jungle to aid them in their quest.

Trouble is…said legendary Lord of the Jungle just isn’t interested in being found!

Situation at Start: The explorers are in Luanda Angola, organizing their expedition. Tarzan is somewhere “out there.” The first Act will involve the Explorers moving separately from Tarzan’s family unit. The scenes will be set up so that one faction makes a move, then the other faction will make a move.

As the Game Progresses: Once the Explorers finally locate Tarzan, the remaining moves will take place with the whole cast functioning as a group (albeit quite possibly a very dysfunctional group).

Narrator’s Note:

It’s not every Storium game that has its own original theme music. But thanks to the kind and talented @Ruv_Draba, “Desperately Seeking Tarzan” has just such a song!

Listen to The Tarzan Rap and be prepared to hack your way through unexplored jungle undergrowth as our heroes close in on the grove where the miracle plants are said to grow. The only question is…will they be the only ones to find it?

Hosted and narrated by: Tacronicus Cornelius (Tacronicus)

Completed 06/08/17. Scenes played: 11

License: Community License