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The Mechanical Island

What happens when a hunter is hunted? What happens when a player is played? What happens when a thieve is stolen from? They fight back, don’t they? But what if those players, hunters, and thieves are alone but in fatal danger? They were dumped on the island at an unremembered age and they thrived. But when the sea grows dark and the sun disappears the game begins.

It starts out safe. A small game of hide and seek, but it is deadly. The winning team only wins survival while the losers are killed. That’s just the way it is in the over-populated world. The government had many islands like this and this was how they killed of the world. Now, Nocturne Isomia is in the middle of this game. And death approaches.

What if she could play the players? Or hunt the hunters? Can she do it or is the world devastated? After all fairy tales are non existent and it is only in fairy tales where miracles happen. And Nocturne needs a miracle. Or a hide and seek group with a total nerd who knows the island in and out and a jock who can climb trees with only her feet. Maybe this is a miracle.

Hosted and narrated by: Ava Primak (kittyparty2008)

Started 07/07/18. Scenes played: 3

License: Host License