All-purpose geek.

Storium and Me

My biggest Storium turn-ons are character and story.

I am most fascinated by creating characters that live and breathe and have their own story to tell. They don’t have to be unique. They do have to be personal and relatable and real.

I think good stories come at the intersection of real characters, with personal conflict and realistic challenges. Story doesn’t need to be more complicated than: establish, insert conflict, resolve.

Key Storium rule: You may do anything you please to my character, as long as you let me characterise my character. Trust me to look after my characters, and I’ll trust you to write yours.

Favourite authors: Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, George RR Martin, TS Eliot, Neil Gaiman.

In Real Life?

Sometimes I write words, Mostly I write code. Occasionally I give talks. I’m on the internet if you look hard enough.

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